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She made "a kimchi rice" a few years ago, and the dish itself and the response to the video were exactly what you can imagine.
Off topic, but look how dexterous she is in this video with that spatula. Putting the cucumber boat video to shame.
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I bet she thinks American Chinese food is the same as Chinese food, along with Mexican restaurants and such. Her stupidity and close mindedness has her disliking entire countries for a food selection that probably isn't even prepared the same way.
And you would win that bet, pal.

She thinks that "Papa's Mexicanas" from a Tex-Mex restaraunt in her butthole, rural, backwater little methpit town in Kentucky is actual Mexican food. A "Papa's Mexicanas" is a massive tray of french fries dripping in melted cheese with a bunch of chicken and some onions. She thinks Orange Chicken is real Chinese food, and flexed her palate for Haute Cuisine by having Orange Chicken from Panda Express and turning her fat nose up at it and sniffing that it "wasn't authentic" in comparison to the Orange Chicken she prefers at the Cheesecake Factory. (This of course didn't stop her from ordering it TWICE.)


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What is it with her and rice?
It’s soft and filling and can take on any flavor you cook it in. The filling aspect is probably why she likes it so much. It’s also really cheap, so she can eat more of it. I think any infinifat would have their vice of choice and Al chose rice as one of hers.

Strawberry Pocky

If anybody needs me, I'll be in the Angry Dome.
Someone in the comments pointed out her huge neck hump at 7:ll in this video.

Apparently, it's called a "Dowager's Hump" and I just went down a terrifying rabbit hole. Amber's spine is seriously fucked.

Dowager's Hump
Anyone have screencaps? I'm curious to see now but I just absolutely refuse to give this Donkey a view if ots gonna be her own video.

I love how Ricky walks in, grumbles a few words to her and leaves just as quickly. You can feel the resentment.
He says sorry. Imagine apologizing for walking into your own kitchen. In your own home.
The looks on her fucking fat moonface and the noises that come out of her, and the cuntiness that erupts whenever she hears even the slightest noise or a sound in the house or another person walks by/says something whenever she happens to be feeding. Its absolutely crazy.
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