TRYING MOCHI + WEIRD CANDY!!!!! - 7/30/19 - fat gaijin eats japanese food and cRaZy snacks again

Okami Green

Negative Person™
Can't wait to see how she butchers this one. It can't be worse than her last Japanese try it haul where becky said everything tasted like ranch or catsup.

Now shitlords, don't forget to remove her weight from the occasion before you comment, because she's only trying bits and pieces of this massive fucking trashbag of candy.
She's a 💕dainty girl💕 taking dainty bites, obviously

Okami Green

Negative Person™
Honestly, at this point, she HAS to be doing these eating snack videos for the feeders and get a quick buck. Nothing but money matters anymore and Amber's gonna die trying to become a "successful" youtuber.
A bit :optimistic: but I can see all the clickbait titles she'll get out of finally admitting to the beetus as she decays.

AM I DYING?? 😭 - A Trip To The Doctor 10-24

i have a problem...

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