TRYING MOCHI + WEIRD CANDY!!!!! - 7/30/19 - fat gaijin eats japanese food and cRaZy snacks again

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Now people-Big Al certainly didn't hoover up the rest of that junk; she *said* she's gonna give the leftover, half eaten and slobbered over, crap to E&R and Thumby's family. Obviously. Because she's such a kind and generous person. Obviously. Our gorl would NEVER lie about something like that, obviously. And, obviously, Thumby's not in the vid this time cause Big Al wanted all the goodies to herself....

This is sarcasm. Obviously.
You're a mother of two, you and your husband live paycheck to paycheck, sometimes you have to ask money to your parents because otherwise you wouldn't be able to afford what your kids need. You still live in your childhood town, you dreamed about going to college but were always too poor to afford it and you didn't want to put yourself and your family in crippling debt, you married young hoping that sharing your misery with someone would've made it more bearable, you saw one of your children die, had to take in your sister because she had been kicked out of home.

Every month the paychecks that get in your household last only for three weeks, and you don't know how to explain to your kids that they can't afford anything too "fancy" because there aren't any money, and the savings they have are for emergencies only.

And then here she comes. A morbidly obese screeching whale that spends what you earn in a month in awful looking tents she wraps around her massive body. She waddles in your living room and sits on the couch, making it creak under her weight. She is carrying a bag that seems to be filled to the brim. You don't like her and the fact that she's stenching up your house, but if she's bringing something to the kids, then she can stay a bit longer.

The whale gives the bag to your kids, and all they get out of it are already opened and half-eaten packages of candies and sweets, and a bottle of Ramune without seal and with the cap designed to open it missing. There's nothing closed in that bag. The whale has already gone through everything. What she gave to your kids was mostly packaging and sugar dust.

The kids are disappointed but don't say anything, even if the whale keeps screeching "DO YOU LOOOOVEEE ITTTT???? I'm so generous and giving, you guise!"

You take a mental note to never speak to your sister again, because it's not worth it.

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As everyone else here said, i cant believe ANYONE d think giving opened food is a good idea... I just cant comprehend this. Unless you are room mates, very close ones and you just opened something, tried it and share it with someone at the very moment.

Secondly, she propably ate around 400 kcal (mochi itself was 90, and thats two) if not more. But she wont even count it because its tasting.
This is why you are fat you pig.
You mindlessly ate something that can count as an entire dinner (low cal ready to eat cottage pie is 400 kcal)!

Edit fucking words

Does Al know that ice cream filled mochi exists? I’m honestly surprised she hasn’t heard of mochi sooner.
The Midwest is still slow to get new things, we didn't know what Mochi was or anything until we saw it at a frozen yogurt place like two years ago. Just started seeing it on the shelves at some stores. Mostly have only seen it in the ice cream aisle at the grocery store or Target.

I'd love to see her do a 'taste test' of fruits and veggies! So many different and weird fruits out there. But she'd never do that.

is strange she doesn't like actual bananas. that's usually a fruit most people can like.
She doesn't like them, but they're, aside from that one apple that left her looking like a pig at a luau, they literally the only fruit she eats. Technically they're berries, though, aren't they? Did I just make that up? Hmmmm.

ETA: Out of pure autism I looked it up. They are berries.

ETA: I just remembered, it was Becks that ate that apple. So, I don't think we've ever seen her eat any other fruit except perhaps an avocado in the form of shitty WalMart guac.
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Candy again.
How many veggies has she even eaten since she announced that her doctor was not allowing her to have veggies (lie) so she had to stop his plan? The two wilted pieces of broccoli on your orange chicken don't count gorl.
Thankful for all of you that do the re-uploads and recaps. I can't stomach her videos in their entirety anymore, and I don't want to give her any views either.