Disaster Tumblr being sold to Automattic Inc. (Wordpress) by Verizon for reportedly less than $20 Million, six years after being bought for $1 Billion - Tumblr tumbling down, tumbling down, tumbling down

Syaoran Li

Totally Radical Dude
Ain't just furries, it's the pedos and animal abusers, too.
True, if Tumblr's new owners are smart about it, they will bring back NSFW content but take a more diligent approach to removing illegal content such as pedophilia and animal abuse.

Maybe they could also be more strict about borderline content (such as loli and shota) and have the Apple mobile version be completely work-safe, but allow the NSFW content on the main site.

The problem that led up to the December porn ban was that the mods fell asleep at the wheel when it came to that shit, and the ones were awake were too busy chasing imaginary Nazis to do anything about actual predators lurking in their midst.

That's why Apple de-listed them until they purged everything.

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