Disaster Tumblr being sold to Automattic Inc. (Wordpress) by Verizon for reportedly less than $20 Million, six years after being bought for $1 Billion - Tumblr tumbling down, tumbling down, tumbling down


Why was it worth that much?
Probably the same reason why Yahoo used to be worth that much. It still is funny and sad at the same time how Microsoft wanted to buy Yahoo! back in 2008 for about $45B, which Yahoo rejected for being too low. Fast forward 9 years and Yahoo gets sold for literally a tenth of that price. Verizon is dismantling the company, I'm sure that whatever they sold Flickr at to SmugMug was substantially less than what Yahoo paid for it.

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Tumblr was Yahoo’s largest acquisition at the time, as then-CEO Marissa Mayer “promise[d] not to screw it up”

Damn 3 million, I think that's around what Vince McMahon paid to buy the tape library and other rights from the corpse of WCW
Yeah, and unlike these guys, McMahon might actually make his money back on it someday.

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Tumblr's downfall was fascinating because it proved several things. It proved that the containment board theory does in fact work, as Twitter became overrun with the same brand of pronoun furries looking to clout farm from callout posts. It showed just how fast a website can fall apart once it gets rid of the reason people visit it. But perhaps most importantly, it showed that buying out a big social media site doesn't give you an audience, especially if you drive said audience away by completely running the site into the dirt.

I bet that either one of several things will happen. Tumblr might get merged into Wordpress somehow or Wordpress might get put to the side in favor of Tumblr, and if Wordpress development stops that would end up being forked. The parent company might open source the website's code to make it easier for one to roll their own Tumblr style blog and offer hosting within their network with multiple plans, similar to what WordPress allows now. Or Tumblr will be shut down if it's solely an acquisition for the tech behind the site/staff. I've seen dying platforms get bought and shutdown solely for the tech behind them and staff, and since Wordpress.com is fading I wouldn't be shocked if they'll try to reposition Tumblr as a Wordpress style blogging site.

Bets on porn being permitted again?
They've confirmed porn won't be coming back. Open sourcing the code kind of like what happened with LiveJournal or Wordpress so Tumblr fans can run a site similar to it is the closest thing to the porn ban being lifted at this point.

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So they paid $3 million, and got what?

As part of the deal, the company will take on 200 Tumblr staffers.
That's $15k per staffer. The company wasn't even worth enough money as a year of poverty level wages to the danger hairs running it. And that's before they take out the value of the hardware, software, and whatever IP they own.

WTF does Tumblr even need 200 people for?

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It proved that the containment board theory does in fact work, as Twitter became overrun with the same brand of pronoun furries looking to clout farm from callout posts.
It's scary tumblr users moved from a small insular community to a platform where they can actually interact with creators and politicians. A few years ago I always thought Tumblr dying would be best for society, and the stragglers would spread out or drive to even more insular communities a la Resetera. Tumblr users moving to Twitter is basically the worst outcome.

The only upside is Twitter wasn't as suffocating as Tumblr politics were, which means some people actually have to face backlash and disagreements. But the ability to easily harrass people with power and Twitter working to abolish wrongthink is disheartening.


Tumblr has been dying for a long time, the managers have never known what to do with it that makes anybody happy. When they introduced their trashy IM feature the reply to post feature was broken for about a month. There was also an update which caused some text to glitch out and repeat across the screen. They also cleaned out tags for no reason. Banning porn was the nail in the coffin for the site and EVERYBODY knew it when it happened.

Whatever, their reblog feature enables tons of bullshit and dogpiling and the organization of them has always been hot garbage. You can barely even find funny stuff on Tumblr anymore. I don't really care if the site burns down, it lets you do more than Insta and Twitter, but the people who run the site are exceptional hacks. They deserve to fail.

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Assuming this chart is accurate, the big dive was around 2015 to 2016, with the pornmagendon was a steep bump on otherwise slow decline.


Tumblr reaction, although is this accurate? Isn't it Yahoo that pissed away the billion dollars, with Verizon mostly just selling the remains for scrap? I don't know, I'm not an accountant.

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