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After the porn ban, Tumblr users have ditched the platform as promised

Since Tumblr announced its porn ban in December, many users reacted by explaining that they mainly used the site for browsing not-safe-for-work content, and they threatened to leave the platform if the ban were enforced. It now appears that many users have made good on that threat: Tumblr’s traffic has dropped nearly 30 percent since December.

Tumblr’s global traffic in December clocked in at 521 million, but it had dropped to 370 million by February, web analytics firm SimilarWeb tells The Verge. Statista reports a similar trend in the number of unique visitors. By January 2019, only over 437 million visited Tumblr, compared to a high of 642 million visitors in July 2018.

The ban removed explicit posts from public view, including any media that portrayed sex acts, exposed genitals, and “female-presenting” nipples. Some users say enforcement of the ban has been spotty — one user wrote into The Verge to say that they’re still seeing porn on the platform — but even so, users have apparently left Tumblr in droves. We know that the platform was mainly known for its NSFW content, which was often not just porn that could be found on any number of alternative sites. It also included unique communities that discussed sexuality in healthy ways.

On December 3rd, when Tumblr first told The Verge that it would ban porn by the 17th, CEO Jeff D’Onofrio said in a statement at the time that users had other options. “There are no shortage of sites on the internet that feature adult content,” he said. It looks like users have taken D’Onofrio up on his offer and gone to other sites.
Who could have seen that coming?


I have not looked on Tumblr for literally years, and heard about the news of the porn purge. It wont be long until it sinks further than 30%, I went to see the state of it to answer my question "If the porn is gone, what exactly are they doing on there?".

Well to answer my question its just censored porn edits and nude paintings that dont show anything. That and the true crime fan girls are still allowed to roam there. It surely cant belong until the people posting the censored porn lose interest. Im assuming in the next year or so Tumblr will be totally rebranded into something else or will end up like MySpace leaving people asking why the fuck its still online and only being used by drug dealers thinking they are slick

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Serious guess? Twitter. Because that’s where they migrated to mostly and because Twitter is rolling out all that Build Your Own Bubble bullshit to fight online mean words. Imagine literally just tumblr discourse but broken up because of the character limit.
Sounds like a good streamlining process. It's not like anything said on tumblr couldn't be condensed down to 140 characters or less without losing any meaning. Though realistically they could just make a service that compresses everything down to "REEEE" and it would still be effective.

Just tell them it's part of the Green New Deal to save energy and those peasants would lap it up.
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Maybe they shouldn't fuckin' ban random accounts and rely on their awful bots? The people I know on tumblr aren't scared because they post NSFW stuff, they're scared because tumbr is still incorrectly flagging posts and blogs. SFW blogs are going down and its taking months to contact tumblr who are too incompetent to do anything. You can't really run a thriving site if people are afraid to use it anymore.

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