Tumblr's Meth dating scene -


Been lurking here for a while and havent seen anything about this. I think we're all aware that Tumblr has a hard drug community. They use, flaunt, and show their haul of hardcore street drugs like crack, meth and cocaine.

Like any tumblr group they're innundated with SJW's that rally against "Drug shaming" and validate their hobbies as on par with gaming and anime fandoms. Sherlock x John is your thing, Crack x Heroin is mine. You have no right to judge, you cishet shitlord.

That's all old news, but the thing I find really interesting is the tumblr dating scene in the hard drug community.

There's Tweaker Girls on the lookout for tweaker guys.

For the girls, blown out pupils and needle marks are the new in.

Blown out eyes are really hot, okay?

The boys will be boys. They flaunt their goods, trying to one up each other with their toys

This is like any kind of dating. You want the girl? you gotta bring the goods. She cant resist what you have to offer.

This guy's got no chance


Lol your boyfriend only gave you flowers and a ring? Pfft what a loser

Not all romances end well. For those that do, theres tags Tweaker love and Tweaker couple for lovebirds to share their giggly selfies and meth haul with the world.

Dont drug shame! Inside every addict is young person looking for a kindred soul.
A person to share their interests, a fellow fan. The Dean to my Castiel, the Thor to my Loki, the Speed to my crack.

Awwwwwwwwwwwwww #So Cute
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Yeah. But I've seen several girls and guys on that blog and others like it that look like they'd fit the mold for a stereotypical tumblr user, instead of the usual trailer trash one pictures when they think of a meth user.
Meth is so prevalent in the United States that the kind of people who use it can be pretty shocking.
For example, plenty of soccer moms use meth in order to keep up with all their responsibilities.
But yeah, eventually the kind of people who do this do end up looking a lot different than their former selves.

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There's also a thriving tweaker porn scene.
Isn't that just the actual porn scene ;)

What this actually shows is that the causation isn't the poverty but rather the meth
Or that there's no one single causative factor. People have been altering their own brain chemistry since the dawn of history.


If I could buy the rights to these pics, I would make a fortune selling or licensing some of them to various state/local anti-drug agencies. Especially that last one.
I'm sure you can contact them and just offer a minimal amount. Those people will be selling their computers soon anyway. Every little bit helps.

How do they post online if they're tweakers anyway? A real #tweakergirl would have pawned her phone/computer already.
The people that are posting are all beginning users. The big name fans and well known fandom people generally disappear after a while. There's some meth circles that regularly do roll calls. They'll post "Reblog" if you're still alive/active posts.

A while back I saw one where there was an effort to locate a fan that had gone dark for a while, and some of the people legit responded that they had been too spun out for the last few weeks to recall.

I love meth fandom, they're a really fun group.


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Jesus Christ, being addicted to meth isn't something to be proud of. If we're at meth right now, we're probably going to see a krokodil pride scene at some point in the future.

"Wear your flayed, rotting skin with pride! #NecrosisIsBeautfiul"

...and you beat me to the punch for quoting that movie. The Requiem for a Dream vibes are strong here.
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