Tuscangarder Obituary Thread -

  • Despite what alcoholic retards are saying, there are no plans to shut down the Kiwi Farms.

Boris Blank's glass eye

Ring the bell, Roll down the street
I don't know if A&N will be better as a result of this.
"Slightly less awful" != "better".
We'll always have CatParty, bless them, posting the hottest bait articles from all over the left/liberal sphere.
What would I do without a daily reminder how GooberGloop is the most important event in the Culture War while at the same time games are shit, gamers are dead, and GoobyGroyp was an irrelevant backlash from whiny impotent pissbabies?
  • Horrifying
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What becomes of the broken-hearted?
He's a Nazi, just like us. But being a fake communist contrarian will guarantee more attention than just another Nazi. Remember, it doesn't matter if the attention is negative. Lonely, sad nerds don't care, they just want some form of human company for a change.
Not a Nazi, I'm hoping you just mean the standard hyperbolic usage of leftists.


KF is a great community but tuscancooking definitely over-participated. You don't need to post in every thread on A&H, daily, multiple times per thread. He let his spaghetti spill hourly, when it should be no more than once a month at best. If you need that much attention build a social media audience, a forum's not the place for it(unless you're a mod on ResetEra and can inflict yourself upon others)
RIP in agit-prop, toucandandy