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TV and Movie Characters You Really Hate

Discussion in 'Multimedia' started by darkhorse816, Jan 6, 2014.

  1. A couple of nights ago I got really drunk and decided to watch Rankin-Bass' The Year Without a Santa Claus on DailyMotion. You know, the one with Heatmiser and Snowmiser.

    So the movie starts up and I suddenly realize I don't remember a thing about it from my childhood, other than the miser brothers (which is what I think everyone remembers about this movie). Santa decides to take a vacation this year (despite only working for one night out of three-hundred sixty-five) because he thinks all the little brats around the world don't love him anymore. About five, maybe ten minutes in, Mrs. Claus starts singing about how she could do Santa's job for him. She puts on the red suit and sings for a whole minute about this, even going so far as to stuff a pillow under the suit and put on a fake beard just to show the audience how well this disguise could work. Not remembering how the movie went, I thought to myself, "Hey, this is actually a pretty creative idea! This is going to be fun!"

    Then two elves show up. They don't recognize Mrs. Claus until she turns around and speaks to them in her normal voice. Once they recognize her, she decides it was a bad idea and takes off the costume. BITCH THEN WHY DID YOU SPEND 60 SECONDS SINGING ABOUT IT?
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  2. Lucy_van_Pelt.png
    She knows what shes done.
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  3. Connor's post reminded me of how much I hate Juno as a whole but two characters truly stick out to me even to this day: the Ultrasound Technician and Su-Chin (the pro-life girl). Actually, Su-Chin and her views don't bother me, but rather how her views affect people watching the film. I'll explain it a bit.

    I know the audience is supposed to be against the Technician from the start, but man, she was just being such a smug bitch that totally jumped to conclusions. Lady, it is not your job to analyze the parenting capacities of your patients, it's your job to make sure the fetus is developing properly. Unless she met Juno and saw her going through her everyday life prior to the ultrasound, you cannot say her lifestyle and home would be an "obviously poisonous environment to raise a baby in". Also, every pregnant woman (teen or adult) is in her own unique situation in life, so you really can't compare one with another

    Now if Juno had asked what would the Technician do in her current situation, then yeah, I would be fine with the Technician announcing her opinion and Juno couldn't have been angry with her in that case. But as is, Ultrasound Tech was out of line and acting extremely unprofessional.

    And yes, I know abortion is a really touchy topic with many people for many different reasons, so I'll keep this nice, bolded and TL;DR.

    I don't care that Su-Chin identifies herself as a pro-life supporter. I don't care that Juno gave even a single thought into getting the procedure done (or gave the kid up for adoption). I care that people use this scene as a soapbox for whichever side they support without taking in the scene's context within the film.

    The point of the movie wasn't to be a piece of anti-abortion and/or pro-adoption propaganda and piss off people who disagree with those views; the point of it was to show how the unplanned pregnancy affected Juno's daily life and her social interactions with the people around her, and thus it made her learn to really analyze people on a more critical level than what a "typical" teenage girl usually does.

    Also, I admit I'm saying this next thing primarily from a writer's point view, but anyway: Had Juno gotten the abortion, the movie would've ended right then and there. Why? Because the plot doesn't revolve around Juno having the procedure done and how it affects her emotional state, social life, etc. afterwards. I get why this happened, I truly do--having a film revolve around an unplanned pregnancy is just asking for this topic to come up. But since Juno wasn't focused on the pro-life vs pro-choice debate and its related discussions, it's just irrelevant to discuss.
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  4. I can’t stand Princess Merida from Brave

    I get that they were trying to make her the outgoing and spunky princess who thinks differently but all she does is just whine and moan, she shows no respect for her mother (Who, despite the movie trying to paint her as bad, is at least trying to be a good parent by teaching Merida common decency), drove the clans into war (killing thousands), poisons her said mother into becoming a bear, just because she didn’t want to get married to a clans prince (Which mind you, was to make sure the neighboring kingdoms don’t go to war) and ride off on her horse and shoot arrows and shit
  5. Most of the characters in Rugrats I found pretty obnoxious, especially Tommy and Susie (who is one of the most textbook tokens in existence, I swear). Haven't seen it since I was a kid though. Same with Littlefoot from the Land Before Time.

    Never really been much for generic protagonists in kids movies/shows.
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  6. You just put in to words why I disliked Rugrats so much as a kid, and Doug too. All the characters seemed so white bread bland.
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  7. Pretty sure something similar to that happened in one episode. Freddie got a girlfriend who had her own web show left and Carly and Sam to help her, then dumped her because she was a cunt. TBH, everyone in iCarly was either a cunt, irritating, or mostly funny (Spencer).
    Though compared to plenty of other shows, iCarly was certainly better than the a lot of other shows Nick’s put out (though it’ll never top Drake and Josh imo).
    As for characters I absolutely despise, just about everyone from RWBY.

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  8. Yeah, a lot of people look at cartoons from that time period with Nostalgia goggles and insist they were all amazing but in reality a lot of them weren't that great. The early-mid 90's was also the height of shit like tokenism, which doesn't help either.
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  9. Does anime count? If so, screw Rika Nonaka.

    This hateful, unlikeable bitch was one of the biggest reasons why I despised Digimon Tamers so much. I know what they were trying to do with her, she was purposefully made horrible and antagonistic so she could fall and suffer and have a redemption arc like Ken did in Zero Two. Only it backfired completely in my opinion because it was made clear from the very beginning of the series that this was one of our three main characters (she runs around with Takato and Henry in the intro for god's sake), so her being a cunt towards everyone else didn't work like I feel was intended to and it just made me despise her. I actually gave up on Tamers after the IceDevimon episode, when it was made clear that they weren't going to kill her off.

    And even if she wasn't such a despicable character, her design alone made me want to punch her in the face. Look at that stupid pineapple haircut and the edgy broken heart t-shirt:

    She's the closest I've ever come to A-Logging a fictional character.
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  10. Anthony fucking DiNozzo from NCIS. Super cool awesome perfect awesome all-the-times wacky cool awesome super awesome cool guy that needs to get his shit pushed in once in a while.
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  11. Sheriff J.W Pepper from Live And Let Die and The Man With The Golden Gun.

    Autistic screeching: The character.
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  12. I had to think for a second, because it's kind of autistic to list characters from shows you straight up hate, but I just remembered this bitch:


    Did anyone like this character? Her voice is fucking cancer and you really want to see her get beaten to death. Unfortunately, she only rarely got her comeuppance. Someone at Warner Bros. really liked this character because almost every episode of Tiny Toons had an Elmyra short and of course she was forced to be a part of Pinky and the Brain.
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