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Tweet 3/17 - Photographing a pace car

Discussion in 'Christian Weston Chandler' started by The American Hedgehog, Mar 18, 2017.

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  1. screenshot-twitter.com 2017-03-17 21-39-59.png

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  2. Anyone else distracted by whatever the hell is on his console.
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  3. I hope he fucking wrecks and dies.
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  4. Always fun to get little reminders like this that Chris is fucking dumb.
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  5. It's a toy he bought from Skylanders. It's supposed to look like him.
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  6. I don't get it
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  7. It's supposed to BE him. I don't think he'd post a pic like that if his avatar was not in the foreground. That is him literally thinking he, as in his stupid custom Skylander figure, is driving alongside.
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  8. It's actually a warning sign to any women that might be considering getting in his vehicle. This is their last chance to cut and run.
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    Rogowski THAT ONE FAGGOT

  9. I knew it was some sort of Autistic thing like that.
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  10. Chris taking his femininity social cues from Sylvia Plath, I guess.

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  11. The Indy500 pace car of 2017 is a Camaro SS. That's not.

    West Virginia is a hands free state. And you can report unsafe drivers to the DMV. Just....throwing that out there.
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    m0rnutz Hide your nuts

  12. West Virginia?
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  13. Anyone know the Google Earth coordinates where some lucky spotter located SONICHU the car out in the wild?

    Ppl have already mentioned what it is. I'm hoping that the longer he takes it out on drives, the more likely it will eventually bleach out and/or melt in the sunlight & heat.
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    Totem Sanic

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    yawning sneasel

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  14. That's weird, the Indianapolis 500 pace car driver just tweeted he drove alongside Son-Chu.
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  15. I miss his old Homer Simpson bobblehead.
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  16. LOL
    "Yeah dude we put a new battery in the old pace car from 1999...Some fahkin' fruit was trying to keep up "

    Not sure of Bob was into racing. It would make sense one of the replica cars would be noteworthy to him. Many feels.
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  17. Chris confirmed for redneck.
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  18. It's always nice to see Chris never forgets to add a dose of autism to everything he does.

    It could be a totally normal picture without the figurine.
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  19. Using his phone while driving. Another stupid Chris moment brought to you by autism.
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