Culture Tweet of Metro worker eating on train could cost DC author her book deal - Could? It already did.


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I know. I can't divorce myself from my personal experience enough yet to do that, unfortunately. Work in progress, I guess. If it were a matter of a single person effectively chugging poison I'd say "whatever, you're exceptional but you're only hurting yourself". Communism is one of those poisons that doesn't limit itself so nicely, though. People hurting other people over this shit just fucks me up, and it's basically what Communism was DESIGNED to do.
you can't divorce yourself? More like you refuse to do so. My family has lost much of itself to the Reds as we have always been proud Whites, but you know what? We can separate our desire for vengeance from educating people about the dangers and the death toll of Communism simply because we realize that the damage it can cause is far greater than what it has done to us. We've been beaten, shot, starved, executed in all sorts of horrible manners and the only reason that I can speak my mind and not fear death is sadly, not because of the suffering that we've endured but because of some stupid american military build up.

Grow up, grow up and realize that you will never convince people to see the horrors of communism with such an angry tone. You do so with the fresh blood of its policy on your hand and tell everyone to look at what they did to your countrymen, to your family. If you lack that then you direct attention to just those people because they know a hell of a lot more than you do.
To be honest my friend I'm beginning to think I'm a very poor leftist. I find the failures of communism to be abhorrent. I hate identity politics and wokeness. Hell I don't even want to gulag dissidents. I'm not a stalinist, a tankie, ancom, I'm hardly even socialist. I just think the rich should pay more in taxes ala the 1960s, there should be true blue singlepayer (not obamacare), and throw in gov. funded college too. I want people to stop going into debt from ambulance rides.

In Europe this makes me right-leaning centrist. In America this makes me "pinko commie scum".
You are not a communist then, you are young and naive, but you have a heart of gold as you do care about others. You shouldn't ask rich to simply "pay more taxes" but you should crack down on tax loopholes to have large corporations pay more. I do not think that a government funded college will work without regulations to prevent the colleges from double dipping but you do not need college either. Trade schools are a wonderful thing and quite honestly things past high school are not for everyone. True singleplayer healthcare can work yes, but only on a population that overall cares for each other and will say no to those that would abuse the system by simply not taking care of themselves.

If somebody ever ask you what you are politically, you simply tell them that you're the old style of leftist, who does care for the working class not as empty words to reach a communist utopia that will never exist, but for the hard working men and women they are. Tell them that you do not look down on them and in fact want to uproot the ivory towers of those who do. Tell them that you are not afraid to get your hands dirty doing honest hard work because it is just that, honest hard work, there is no shame in it. You tell them that you believe the ones that deserve all these programs and help aren't the lazy bums who refuse to better themselves in favour of free government money, but the ones that put in work to better themselves.

Of course, you might be none of these things, you but I hope you are because the world needs more actual champions of the working class that fight against the ivory towers and the people that are content with never working to better themselves or their country.


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Disproportionate reaction but clutching your pearls and having a public sperg attack because you are so deeply horrified by the sight of some train worker finishing their lunch is a pretty good indication that you're the kind of person who no one would want to be professionally associated with.
This could’ve been the straw that broke the camel’s back. It’s more likely they just were nervous about their optics and overreacted but there’s the chance they were just looking for an excuse to cut her.

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The author is a cunt and the synopsis of her book sounds horrendous. On the other hand I find it hard to sympathize with a DC Metro worker.


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Via the Washington Post

Natasha Tynes, an award-winning Jordanian American author who lost a book deal following claims of online racism, is suing her publishing house for $13 million. The lawsuit, filed in California on Friday, alleges that Rare Bird Books breached its contract and defamed her, causing “extreme emotional distress” and destroying her reputation.
In 2018, Tynes contracted with Rare Bird to distribute her upcoming novel, “They Called Me Wyatt,” about a murdered Jordanian student whose “consciousness” inhabits a 3-year-old boy with speech delays. The book, written over four years, was set to be released this month.
That changed in May, when Tynes became the subject of a national and international news story.

On the morning of May 10, the World Bank communications officer and mother of three tweeted a photo of a black female Metro worker who was breaking the D.C. region transportation agency’s rules by eating breakfast on a train.
“When you’re on your morning commute & see @wmata employee in UNIFORM eating on the train,” Tynes tweeted. “I thought we were not allowed to eat on the train. This is unacceptable. Hope @wmata responds,” she wrote.
By 10 a.m., less than 30 minutes later, Tynes had deleted the post and apologized for the “short-lived expression of frustration,” according to court documents. But the fuse of public outrage and ostracism had already ignited.

Tynes took the additional step of contacting the agency to ensure the employee would not be disciplined (and the complaint notes that no action was ever taken against the transit worker). Then, she spoke to Rare Bird executive Robert Jason Peterson and explained that, “having not grown up in the United States, the issue of race had not even occurred to her when she made the tweet.”
Peterson, the filings said, reassured the writer and told her he did not blame her. “You’ll get through this, we’ve got your back,” he allegedly said to Tynes just before noon.
Hours later, Rare Bird released a statement, calling Tynes’s tweet — which it described as the policing of a black woman‘s body — “something truly horrible.”

As The Washington Post previously reported, in response to the tweet, Rare Bird announced it had decided not to distribute her book. “We think this is unacceptable and have no desire to be involved with anyone who thinks it’s acceptable to jeopardize a person’s safety and employment in this way,” the company announced on Twitter.
By the following day, the publisher had announced plans to halt shipments of the book and postpone the publication date while taking the “appropriate next steps to officially cancel the book’s publication.” Preorders for the novel were also canceled, even though sales had skyrocketed, court documents say.
Rare Bird did not respond to requests for comment on Tynes’s lawsuit.

[A D.C. author shamed a Metro worker for eating on the train. Now her book deal is in jeopardy.]
The lawsuit alleges that Rare Bird’s statement was defamatory. According to the complaint, Tynes “did not police a black woman’s body,” “did not engage in any act of racism” and “took no action that could have possibly jeopardized anybody’s safety,” except, perhaps, her own.
After the tweet and the resulting uproar, Tynes was hospitalized for “an acute anxiety reaction and suicidal ideations,” the complaint says. She was placed on administrative leave by her employer, and the Goodreads book review website received a barrage of negative reviews for the not-yet-published novel.

Tynes began receiving online threats, the lawsuit said, and she became the subject of racial slurs, including being called a “terrorist,” “a plane bomber,” “un-American” and “a radical Muslim,” while others called for her deportation.
Court papers also said she temporarily returned to Jordan on May 21, fearing her family “would be the subject of violence, reprisals and harassment at the hands of a mob incited by Rare Bird if she remained in the United States.”
“What Rare Bird has done to Natasha Tynes is just beyond abhorrent,” said attorney William Moran, who is representing Tynes. “I’ve never seen a publisher throw an author under the bus like this before.”
Just like with the bakery case, asking people to follow the rules becomes racist if they're black (even when you're from the Middle East). The added bonus this time is that it also apparently threatens that person's safety - while whipping up a mob to ruin somebody's life and drive them to the brink of suicide (while sending death threats for good measure) doesn't.

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Lesson one: Don't post anything on the internet that could easily be linked back to you. It would only backfire like what happened to the woman in OP's article.
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Recalling the original story, both this lady and the reaction crowd were exceptional but while the most the lady did was snitch like a bitch, it wasn't racism. All she fucking did was take a picture of the worker eating then tweet it. I can see threatening her livelihood but chances are, she's union and the most that would happen is a slap on the wrist.

Also, reminder this is the original picture taken.


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Yeah we had the precursor to this article as a thread and I'm gonna reiterate my point: the woman was being an exceptional bitch taking a picture of the worker eating. I don't care it was against the rules, the would-be author decided to take a picture of it and post it on social media because she's a catty bitch. This entire situation reeks of some middle class cunt that thinks she's better than everyone else. Does she deserve to lose her deal over that? No, not really. But maybe if you're going to be a cunt you shouldn't loudly advertise how much of a cunt you are, just a thought.

Also I hope the suit compromises and gets her book published so she can see how worthless she is to the marketplace.

Maybe dont tweet this shit out then, if it is such a problem for you, send it directly to someone who could have taken care of it instead of posting it on the website that gets people to lose their jobs for the stupid shit they say. You must understand that your job can be taken from you for any little post on your public account, regardless of how "severe" the offense is. It is extreme bullshit, but it's not going to stop happening.

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