Twitch company changes & DSP - Discussion of changes within Twitch and how they effect DSP

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In this thread we can discuss/follow Twitch as its own company (as well as the head company Amazon if its relevant).

The kind of events that may at some point happen within Twitch and effect DSP would be:
  • Dramatic staff/ownership changes
  • Revenue split changes
  • Copyright enforcement changes
  • Terms of Service changes
  • News/media attention focused on Twitch which may end up with rules being changed
Since being bought by Amazon a few years back for a billion dollars I'm not sure what has changed because I haven't followed it.

However in the past few days this has happened:


TLDR: There is a new Twitch VP of Content which may effect DSP in some way, as well as a number of staff having moved on.

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Phil is a charming guy who never does anything wrong so clearly he'll continue working his hardest to keep friends with the staff no matter who's on it.

Unless the damned detractors snuck into twitch staff, solely to troll Phil. Damn them, damn them all.


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Amazon is a known detractor network dood!

Why does this thread even exist? What do you think Twitch is, Youtube? Unlike those booksmart morons Twitch is the future. It will never evolve and there will never be any controversial moments that will cause major changes in a short time. Phil is clear to con people out of their cash as long as he can. You don't need a plan b when your eggs are in Twitch's street smart basket.

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Twitch is a biased website for you to only watch boobie streamers and allow plenty of messed up shit regarding allowing any user to rebroadcast copyrighted content from big companies like warner or even DC lmao.

Their rules and guidelines are useless since they only want to provide web traffic and revenue.

So in short words: twitch sucks and only bans when comes to ppl that really look for it and protects boobie streamers of showing more than they want to show and its just about money.