Twitch said the G in LGBT+ ‘also stands for gamer’ and you can imagine just how well that went -


Hulkamania Brother!
Gays are starting to understand what happened to Christmas.
It reminds me of that article someone posted in one of the tranny threads awhile ago where a tranny was bitching about how none of their vocal "allies" was willing to walk the walk and actually date them.

How does it feel to be a purse puppy and have your identity reduced to a fashion fad by spoiled hipsters fellas?


It's interesting that they tried to erase the G from the group, despite the gays being the original creators of the movement.
I want to bet that it wasn't a random decision, a few years ago the progressive circles in the LGBT lobby (aka the trannies and the other new letters) wanted to exclude the gays from the movement because they saw them as the most privileged of the group.
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He who has thus come/gone
thats because most gays are not freaks and just want a normal life...
Turns out once you can get married and live in peace, you're just another set of DINKs who have to pay taxes. That puts you more in line with normal family men and women than it does with autist trannies who can't hold down a job and need a cocktail of chemicals infused into their blood. The Ts hate that.