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Money Twitter 10/8 - Chris begs for money while implying he's having suicidal thoughts

Discussion in 'Christian Weston Chandler' started by The American Hedgehog, Oct 8, 2018.

  1. Because he's not suicidal.
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    White bubblegum

    White bubblegum Blow me

  2. Chris is afraid that if he isn't direct enough people will send him food and other items someone who is actually in need would appreciate, when all he really wants is $$$ to spend on toys and other garbage.
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    Gunslinger Liberate tute me ex inferis

  3. I think people who thought they were smart already gave him non-money donations too, like pet store gift cards. He just sold them all on ebay for toy money.
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  4. Chris is following Barb's path.
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    HaldolJunkie *Slurping noises*

  5. Well he was already dressing like a senile old lady so this is was the obvious next step.
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    trueandhonestfan I'll drink my agua to that!

  6. It really is though. CWC may have no job, but his life is empty and pointless.

    Plus he's objectively insane and cooped up in a hoard house with his almost undead mother who has serious issues of her own.

    Exactly. Borb even ran when a school district tried to get him real help.
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  7. To give Bob his fair share of blame, he literally set up a fake home outside the district just to keep Chris from getting the help he needed.
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    AnOminous boo
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