Interests Twitter 11/16 - Chris protesting the new MLP cartoon -

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The juxtaposition between the Crayola art and the shitty stock photos is fucking hilarious
This card made me wish the protest was real and now I’m imagining Chris strong arming his way into a corporate boardroom to unleash a fury of autistic verbal diarrhea at people who don’t know anything about MLPfim beyond that it made them a lot of money and now it’s over.

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In 2021, Shit will hit the fan 4 Chris
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Shareholder: you know this is a kids show, right? For kids
Chris: "That's transphobic. I am a beautiful and setsy Goddess, who transcends age, space, time, and body odors, which is why MLP intrigues me so much! It's real, just like all my head demons shouting at me to take my top off and seduce you".

The American Hedgehog

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Chris explains his protest hashtag and that he hates the Teen Titans Go cartoon:

Also, he tweeted to Lauren Faust, the creator of the MLP G4 that he wants to keep running:

"Round Table of Friendship" is just Chris's headcanon for MLP G4's future plotline and has nothing to do with what Faust was saying.

And a random brony in the comments tried to reason with Chris before realizing who he is:
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