Twitter 11/2 - Kitties are sick, Chris lies about needing funds - 11/6 - Patches, after being taken to vet multiple times, passes away

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mod edit: Chris says his kittens have conjunctivitis and begs for money, claiming he "cannot pay" for their care. The tweet was tagged as originating from New Zealand. Later that day, Chris's Twitter posted a fake picture depicting a dead cat, along with a claim that one of the Chandler dogs had killed it. The picture was determined to be pulled from the Internet.

Animal Control was repeatedly called on Chris, much to his annoyance. A KF user offered to take the kittens to a no-kill shelter, but Chris refused.

Nov 3 updates

The SonichuMerch guy sent Chris donated pet supplies/medication. Chris then tried to beg for money as well. Chris posted a photo of the three kittens and gave their names, and also claimed that "Magi-Chan" had been behind many of the prior day's tweets. He reiterated his intent to keep the kittens.

SonichuMerch then called Chris's vet and found that Chris had lied when he said he "cannot pay" for the kittens' medicine - the medicine for all kittens had already been in Chris's possession for days. Even after being called out on this, Chris had the nerve to keep asking for money handouts from SonichuMerch.

Chris has stated that the mother cat refuses to come inside. It is likely that she's outside trying to find her babies.

Nov 4 updates

Chris claims the kittens' eye infections are clearing up.

Liza (orange kitty) was successfully adopted by a local Charlottesville kiwi after @The Captain arranged communication between them and Chris. Chris invited them over for tea during which Barb opened up to said individual and let them leave with the cat after being convinced they would be well taken care of.

Please contact @The Captain or @LoveYouLongTime if you're local and would like to adopt the black and white female, Sylvia. Chris will not send her to a shelter.

Nov 6 updates

Patches has died at no fault of Chris'.

Nov 7 updates

Chris posts a photo of Sylvia, says that she's recovering.



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I don't think Chris realizes how easily transmittable conjunctivitis is; I'm not sure if feline-human transmission is as common as human-human but if it is he's putting himself at more health risks that he can't afford. Though knowing Chris he'll think it's a sign that his third eye is opening so he can dimensionally merge or whatever.

IV 445

This is getting to the point where Chris is going to become like Phil (:philthy: not the horribly unfunny streamer)

Phil would lie every day about some stage of his sex change surgery. It got to the point that when Phil finally, literally, chopped his dick off, people just laughed and moved on. No pity, no concern, just ‘lol’.

There’s a reason Aesop’s “the boy who cried wolf” is his most famous fable. When you get to the point you’re considered just a shit spigot, nothing you say matters anymore. No matter what words you use, you’re just a shit-spewing spigot that needs to be turned off.

And chris is entering the early stages of becoming Phil. Pathetic, unfunny, and forgotten.
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