Twitter 2/12 - Chris’s new twitter -


I received a follow from an account nearly identical to chris’s Other one, which he follows me on. I messaged the old @cwcsonichu and Chris confirmed it was real. He also apparently has someone assisting him with everything but I haven’t received a response on that yet.


Brian Butterfield

Satisfaction matter what.
A new Twitter account, jumping the shark indeed. It won't help regarding all the people that have blocked him, since they'll probably end up blocking this new account since it's almost identical, if they haven't already. But I guess this way his "ally" can screen the I HAVE AUTISM PLEASE LAUGH AT ME. In the end Chris makes the most mundane things remarkably labor-intensive.

Brian Butterfield

Satisfaction matter what.
Judging from this post in another thread:
The only account I've found that has been accepted as a follower is MKR. lmao
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It seems Meghan and Chris did a whole dog-and-pony show pretending that they've broken up. Not sure why they'd go to these lengths to fool an audience that's not watching, but that's the 'tism for you.


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I'll bet dollars to donuts that his "ally doing the screening" is El Capitan. He just seems to love touching the dookie...
Probably, but if Chris does one more thing, he is done once and for all, no ifs, ands, or buts about it, that is final, this time he really means it for real and that is a promise among which. Chris are you still doing it? I am going to count to 3 and you better stop. 1....2....2 1/2.....are you still doing it? 1....2....

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