Twitter 4/14 - Chris makes up new OC to spite Cole Smithey -

Sexy Senior Citizen

What's the big deal? It's called a fetish!
Interesting that he is getting Meghan2 the NiGHTS sperg to do his shit now. Chris is officially too lazy to draw his own Sonichu-related material any longer.
Funnily enough, I predicted this months ago.
... what if Chris is following brony artists to try and get one to draw Sonichu for him, for free, while he collects his Patreon bucks and plays his vidya?


I’ve read these tweets three times in two different sittings and I still have no idea what Chris is on about. I know it’s something to do with the merge, but it’s all just word salad to me.

That said, is it just me or is Chris Not Using random Capitalizations for not-Proper Nouns as Much anymore?


Aqua Teenatic Jerkop
So this Professor Zapbud is physically tiny (4'11 and slender), but she's still rocking pornstar-level boobs
Bit of power-level - it does happen. Just not very often. Danuta Lato was a renowned softcore star of the mid-late 1980s - she was 4' 11'' tall with natural measurements of 40DDD-21-33. The British softcore model Debbie Jordan, whose heyday was pretty much the same time, was almost Danuta's physical double. However, those both pre-date CWC's puberty by a long time to be specific inspirations.

My guess is that Chris just wanted a sexy academic - she unpins her hair, removes her glasses, pops her bra and good heavens, Miss Sakamoto is beautiful...of course, what's somewhat alarming is that this is what Chris wants his sibling to be.


"If you don’t see it here, I didn’t say it." - OJ
Inb4 cole finds that and gets into non-movie related hissy fit #310


Amateur Christorian
How come everyone in CWCville has to be a sexy women/female and/or some sort of sexual deviant?

It's like, we get it Chris. You've watched thousands of hours of lesbian porn to the point of trooning out, and now the only women who are allowed to live there all have big boobs, are obsessed with sex (even with each other), and are "Kind, smart and caring"

The idea of Kel and Cole being both people who knew irl but then reimagined as a fictional Pokémon trainer and professor in his fantasy world is kind of good compared to recent work. CWCville right now just seems to be one big red light district that crashed into a Comicon.

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