Twitter 4/15 - Chris Wishes people could see Dimensional Merge, Claims Sightings of Anime Characters. - What a weeb. - Rest of this Twitter thread is Pokémon Go Ratcrap

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That's a shame, because if any country was going to benefit from the merge the most, it would be fucking Japan. You'd have Gundams flipping out and firing Minovsky-particle cannons at Giant Robo while Kiki the Witch drops fish pies from her broomstick on tentacled terrors from beyond spacetime with a taste for pre-teen schoolgirl nooky, The Fleet of Fog appears and blockades the Japanese coast until the Space Battleship Yamato surfaces and wipes them all out (along with most of the Kansai reigon) with a blast of the Wave Motion Gun.

Shit, I could go on weeb-mashing this shit for hours. DAMN you Chris Chan, for getting my hopes and secret weaboo dreams on board with this dimensional merge shit. I want to see this more then i want to see Timecube proved real now ffs! (:_(




Because acid does not work this way, and the surest way to know you are talking to a complete poseur is when they claim to have taken 'cartoon acid' and 'watched Garfield murder Odie'.
I think it takes either a whopping dose or a particular lunatic personality to see full on hallucinations of things that don't exist. Most people just see distortions of reality like trees appearing to breathe, swirling colors on wallpaper, etc.

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Stan Lee died and Chris said he was 'merged'.

Does...does Chris want everybody to die?

I took a break from watching Chris as I honestly assumed after his transition, that he was getting maybe a bit more stable, or at the very least, more quaint. I've never been more glad to be wrong.
Wait, you've been gone since his transition?

My god, you mean you don't know about his binatural beats derived psychic powers, him staring into the eclipse, and THE MERGE in general?

Get a beer. You're in for a hell of a ride.

If Chris would've talked this way about 2,000 years ago he'd have been hailed as a prophet.

That makes me think, was Jesus really just autistic?
It may have been a different variant if he was.

In Luke 2:41-52 we have the story of the 12 year old Jesus in the temple holding forth with the wisest of teachers and impressing them with his insight and knowledge.

Around the same stage of his life Chris changed his name based on the (imagined) advice of an animatronic bear.

Edit: added (imagined)

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Glad this shit is being documented. It's only a matter of time before the voices in his head tell him to go on a killing spree. This nigga has access to a motorized vehicle.
The voices in his head used to tell him he was gay all the time. I think he should actually start listening to those voices. They haven’t been wrong yet
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If Chris would've talked this way about 2,000 years ago he'd have been hailed as a prophet.

That makes me think, was Jesus really just autistic?
I watched the Mel Gibson movie, Jesus dealt tortures. The closest "torture" Chris had was 9 hour discord chat
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[Sighs in Schizophrenic]
I'm probably in the minority but still doubt CWC is experiencing audio or visual hallucinations. Like, I don't really think he sees all these cartoon characters flying around and shit. I think the most likely explanation is his indeterminate combination of self-delusion and stupidity. And even if he says he 'sees' things, I think it's not at all unlikely that he's just lying because he wants people to believe this nonsense; in the same way he's lied about so many other things to make himself look good. I say this because I don't think any meds meant to deal with schizophrenia are going to help him if that's the case. The only thing that would help is a time machine and parents who would smack some sense into him.

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