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I'm not reading that. Someone try to condense that but remember to wear condoms over your eyes.
Apparently the CPU goddess of Commodore’s kingdom mostly died but she can be resurrected if someone makes a stupid Frankenstein C64 that contains everything ever, is bug-free, and costs less than $400.

Also something about the Atari goddess being a bitch.

Features he wants:
  • Old-style user port
  • Cassette port
  • Floppy port
  • Cartridge slot
  • Original C64 keyboard
  • Blu-Ray drive
  • HDMI In/Out
  • Component out
  • A custom controller shaped like the commodore logo
  • USB ports
  • Both downloadable games and rereleases on the original carts
  • Internal storage
ALL in the original breadbox case.
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One must imagine Sisyphus happy.
I’m new to this. Who is idea guy? I keep seeing mention of him but I don’t know his history.

What is he to Christory ‽
He convinced Chris to incorporate weird anime into CWCville, thus forming a brand new religion about said anime. I hate anime so I can't really explain it in detail.

Edit: Reminds of that chick who convinced people to join her cult based on Final Fantasy characters.

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