Twitter 7/1 - Chris thinks therapy is beneath him -

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Chris believes therapy and psychologists are not knowledgeable enough to cure his mental stress.
It's kinda hard for psychological therapy to be effective when Chris refuses to be TRUE and HONEST with his therapist about his delusions. And even if he were a straight shooter with his shrink, he believes he's more intelligent and knowledgeable than actual mental health professionals. Dunning-Kruger is a bitch.


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I think Chris is saying this pony merge is parascientific. Chris would never admit he's delusional. The therapist must be mistaken, because they don't have the proper tools to see sonichu and kyunt nugget. Christine the transbian goddess equal to YHWH\Allah, is totally sane.
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Pretty sure the majority, if not entirety, of the times Chris has gone to a therapist was either court ordered or part of an agreement with the schools he was at the time. So whenever he went before, pretty sure most of the people that "worked" for him were mostly the by-the-hour rubber-stamping shrinks that are there to confirm Chris wasn't going to do something like go completely Buffalo Bill.

Honestly, I think therapy could be beneficial for him, but I wouldn't say it would completely change the course he's on- to do that it would take some actual effort on Chris' part and he can't be bothered with it. He'd rather pretend he's a CPU goddess and talk to invisible purple rat-wives than actually make an effort to join reality because reality is hard and it has bills and Barb and work and more Barb and responsibilities and even more Barb.
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