Twitter 7/1 - Chris thinks therapy is beneath him -

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Forget therapy what this loony troony needs is an isolated cell with no internet, cartoons, or anything that's been feeding his idiotic delusions. I recommend the chanard institute
I'm not sure even that would help him at this point. Chris has been beyond saving for years at least.
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He is right people. His mind is so far gone into another dimension that no human can fully understand that kind of stupidity, I feel bad for any therapist that had to deal with him...

-Sighs -I'm honestly just waiting until Chris do a Sonichu version of the Final Fantasy House, trying to catch poor souls in claws of doom, saying they actually resonate with a pikapony or some bs like that. I sooooooooo close, sadly he has as much charisma as a dry shit.


Chris’ narcissism is off the roof, oof. It makes you wonder if he was born a narcissist or merely became one due to exceptional parenting.


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Where does Chris think the information in textbooks comes from
Study of the human mind. thats what psychology means of course.
i believe Christian knows this
its just that he thinks his divine knowledge supersedes that of the study of mere mortals.
Christine is a creatrix, she formed the minds of sonichu and punchy,
why would she need someone to tell her how hers (mal)functions?

in this regard Christian is not too much different from lots of people.
the people who reject evolution because the bible (seems to) say so
or what have you. revelation supersedes human study.
in some of the more fundamentalist baptist churches I've attended
they don't believe in seminary or even bible college, just a middle school education and a calling from the Lord puts you at or above the level of the most learned biologists. psychologists, and theologians.
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As much as I like to be a dick about the shortcomings of modern psychology, Chris does have a bit of an unintended point. Like, how the fuck is any therapist supposed to handle his shit? He'd need a team of handlers and they still probably couldn't get through to him. He's got an entire wiki and a huge following on the internet, both positive (fucking somehow) and negative and still nobody has managed to piece together the fractured mind that is Chris. I feel bad for the poor fucking therapists who had to brave his insanity in the first place, it probably compromised them.

One: Any shrink with a hope of helping Chris would basically need to be a Kiwifarmer to see the real Chris antics.

Two: I don't think Chris has ever done lucid dreaming. He lacks the focus and discipline.
*Furthermore, alot of people joke about drug use to achieve it, but it's not an easy short cut to it either, and you still need a fair amount of focus and discipline to do it even using some thing like Peyote. AmerInd Vision quests are flat out dangerous to undertake because of the adverse conditions used to trigger them.

PS: I still hope Chris is dumb enough to attempt a Vision Quest some day and ends up seriously hospitalized and all against his own will, and for his own safety. Then a shrink might get a crack at him when he's raving about being a CPU Goddess etc and seeing talking faces in the walls because he is half out of his mind with exhaustion and thirst.
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