Twitter 7/12 - Chris argues with a fool -

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A sperg talking shit about the king of spergs. Oh gee.

Honestly the most interesting post (that's not Sonichu related) in a few months in my honest opinion. Kinda wish Chris stayed quiet on this though, he probably just gave that fool what he most likely wanted: A response. It's a somewhat humorous response, but it's a response nonetheless.


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I love that Chris's response to being called out for physically assaulting someone, while they were trying to deal with his random and childish vandalism in a store he was already banned from, only three years ago is essentially the same as how a normal person would defend themselves for having a 20 year old photo of them self mocked by acquaintances.

"Knock it off guys! It was 1987. Everyone had big hair and shoulder pads then!"

I guess future weens will just have to point out his 'stamp lottery' and all the scammed "winners" if Chris is going to be such a stickler for current content from his trolls.

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Just got B&hammered by Null cuz he thinks I'm someone who's bothering poor old Chris. Kind of weird since I don't even have a Twitter account. He pulls some screencap of someone who also has a Sanic icon and thinks that's all the proof he needs. I guess that means everyone on the internet with a Blue Hedgehog is me.

I know he's been rattled lately over that other guy, but I really do think that Null's starting to lose his fucking marbles now. I hope he settles down before he does something truly ridiculous at someone else that gets himself into legal trouble.

Seriously, Null. Get some help. This forum isn't worth going mental over.
Dude, you just made me facepalm IRL. *sigh* You got caught, with screencaps no less, admit you I HAVE AUTISM PLEASE LAUGH AT ME.d don't drama and just lay low or something. Geeze.

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Chris is pledging at least $25 to Doopie.

He liked a post from her which is behind a paywall for that amount.

Screen Shot 2017-07-15 at 4.53.59 AM.png

The rewards for that tier include a sketch, maybe the commission Doopie referred to. 2017-07-15 04-56-45.png

He started pledging to her in June, and the posts he happened to like then were behind the $5 paywall, so he's given her between $30-$50 so far.
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