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Twitter 7/14 - Belief in MLP dimension

Discussion in 'Christian Weston Chandler' started by The American Hedgehog, Jul 14, 2017.

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  1. Reading this thread reminds me when Chris had his meeting with Mary Lee Walsh and started talking to Sonichu in front of her. Then later he blasted her with a Curse-ye-ha-me-ha.

    I miss the old buffoon Chris. Modern Chris just isn't the lovable village idiot he used to be.
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  2. Yeah, me too. he is seriously getting like, really mentally ill lately. Even my fucking kindergartner knows Ponies are fiction but she still plays and likes them.

    Maybe 'ol Cole was right when he called him severely autistic and exceptional.
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    drmccoy He's got Autism, Jim.

  3. Chris is inching closer and closer to a meltdown in public again. Is he still going to that Brony convention? Imagine how amazing it would be if he lost control there.
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  4. It's a brony convention. He could lose his shit completely there and still be more neurotypical than half the people around him.
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  5. Chris has never really had True and Honest friends, so he's always had to concoct a fantasy world that was stable for him, and where he was in control.

    Chris didn't volunteer to help people play games, he was a Pokemon Trainer, just like in the cartoon, and billed himself as such because Chris sees that as some sort of determination or devotion.

    The big issue is that Chris lives primarily in fantasy worlds, and wants to, but it's not like he's thinking about actually living in Equestria, but more a hybrid. Real life isn't fun for him. It's a shitty place, full of shitty people, and it means Chris would have to adjust, or accept, things in it that he would rather not.

    One interesting note to his stalking of MLP voice actresses, is that there's a few that are, lets say, not as hot as the one he's after. In his mind, the more he's interested in something of theirs, the more he imagines they'll like him. Mix that in with the idea that say, Tara, is literally a pony he likes, and "gets into character", Chris probably thinks she's totally into the pony world.

    Thus if he says shit like "I really believe in Pony Town", this person will think he's awesome and tribbable. He may literally believe it sometimes, or want to, but mostly it's a "Hey, look at me, I'm totes into your stuff! And I'm not a gross man, but an awesome girl!"
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  6. "and for you, @tarastrong"
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  7. I actually don't think so. I see him continuing to have these insane moments on social media and only assholes such as us noticing. In public he'll be fine, unless confronted about something. I know a girl who has... issues. Lots of mental problems and her meltdowns about a single incident nearly a decade ago lately are pretty telling of her ongoing and larger mental problems. She had multiple and serious meltdowns over this in public meetings trying to get her professional licenses restored. Chris is starting to remind me of her, lots of nonsensical rambling in addition to the focused begging and other insanity. I could be wrong but the dude is slowly losing his mind. Autism, bipolar, whatever, it's happening and we see that. Nobody else, especially his aging and insane mother, does not. That could be a problem later on.
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    drmccoy He's got Autism, Jim.

  8. I don't think Chris is melting down. He's... not good at learning from his mistakes, but he does learn. It's like the whole pepper spray thing - he had more than one "incident" involving it, but once the consequences hit he dropped it permanently. Same thing will happen once he finally pushes his creeping to the point that it has consequences.
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    Kosher Dill

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  9. Something to consider, people always ask "why does Chris believe in this shit?", but I think a better question is, why don't you?
    The obvious answer to that is, aside from "because I'm not insane", is that you have cognitive responsibilities to uphold in order to operate in society so you can continue to thrive in it, and in extension, thrive at all, lest you become alienated, and, die, because you no longer have a society to live in.
    Chris doesn't live in society, or reality for that matter. He has no responsibility to uphold a conscious understanding of the machinations of society and it's customs. He's not alone, all of tumblr is with him. He's a part of the insane few who either cannot or will not conform to the standards of society, or even comprehend them, either consciously or unconsciously. That is, they either understand how society works but refuse to live in it, or they surround themselves in such an abstract reality that they confuse themselves into thinking that is reality (the much more likely of the two). In turn, Chris has always been sheltered. He isn't willingly insane. Due to his autism and how poorly his parents handled it, he was always too stupid to ever even hope to understand reality and society. With help, he could have gotten a grasp on it. But no, he never did. He grew up believing his gal-pals legitimately liked him instead of pitying him, so he grew up to believe women in general are nicer than men. He grew up believing cartoons were real because nobody ever told him otherwise. And now, while there may or may not be a sliver of self-awareness telling him this shit isn't real and it's just a coping mechanism (according to a theory that always pops up every once in a while around here), ultimately, he's just too inexperienced and had too much time to solidify believing in whatever he wants to, without ever even consider something might be true or not. He just doesn't have the hardware to think "wait, is this too stupid to be true?" because nobody ever told him that in the first place. He never learned to fit in to society, so he simply doesn't understand something not being true, no matter how much he wants it to be. To him, if he likes it, it's true, because nobody ever told him otherwise. That's just my two cents, though.
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  10. I guess you believe some crazy crap when you have no real relationships with real humans and can't accept that changing this state is on you.
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  11. So, the toy company that produces MLP and funds things like the 30 minute advertising cartoon, they must have access to this Pony dimension. If they didn't, how would they know what the ponies' names are and what they look like? If they don't have access to that dimension, how did they even become aware of the ponies so they could make the toys and shows? Is Gen 1 MLP a different dimension? Were both cartoons based on the same dimension, and the differences are merely creative interpretations? Is the MLP dimension wildly different from the 2 cartoons we've seen, to a point where Chris wouldn't even feel familiar with it if he somehow arrived there? Are the cartoons simply documentary footage from some dimension hopping toy company operative? I have SO many questions about this shit.
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  12. I wonder how closely Chris's belief in cartoon dimensions parallels the late Richard Shaver's belief in evil underground midget perverts and stim-rays...
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  13. That or crack.
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  14. CHRIStmas future:
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