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Chris just accused someone of having ADHD.
-Brings up some vague, nonsensical point about Star Wars that doesn't have anything to do with anything and that barely qualifies as an articulate sentence to begin with
-The other autist refutes it
-Then Chris accuses him of being a scatterbrain


Fuck, what a hopeless mongo 🤦‍♂️

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Does that mean that he was just bluffing every time somebody sent him a piece of art clearly superior to his originals, and Chris replied with a “Mhmm do not like the coloring, and the Bust size could use much needed improvement”?
I think that is just Chris' autistic way to display gratitude beyond just typing out 'thanks'. The atsimu makes him think his fans want their work to be critiqued by him, and that it wouldn't sound TRUE and HONEST if he didn't toss in some negative remarks there.

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The only reason he’s saying that he didn’t trace anything is because he told Trickie that he said he wouldn’t trace anything. Even though it’s non 100% accurate, it’s akin to taking literature, moving only a few words around, and calling it your own. Chris is now completely bereft of originality and his own “unique” brand of creativity.

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Chris: Claims his art is improving thanks to tracing STUDYING Trickie's work.

Also Chris: Still draws arms like limp tubes and hands like stumpy claws, still can't draw himself the same way twice, still can't keep Rosechu's tail a consistent length, still can't draw female bodies, still has no idea how to use perspective properly, and still doesn't understand that textwalling is a horrible way to tell a story.

Yup, he's definitely improving, guys. He'll be getting a call from Marvel or DC any day now.


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At first before I got to see the whole title, I thought it was “Chris Claims he did not have Sexual Relations with that stripper” and I was going to make a efreeclub reference.

Oh well
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I still don't understand why he made the episode in the first place. who in the TRUE AND HONEST fanbase would want to see a carbon copy of an already existing fanfiction instead of something new


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I still don't understand why he made the episode in the first place. who in the TRUE AND HONEST fanbase would want to see a carbon copy of an already existing fanfiction instead of something new
Remember how when chris would get fan art all he'd do is insult them and tell them they drew them wrong? I think it was because when people with more talent than him drew his character it showed him how subpar he really was. He believes he is the god(dess) of all artists, so when someone challenges that perfect self-image he flips his lid. His ego won't allow him to think of himself as anything less than #1. My bet as to why he made issue 15 at all is because he was shown Rosechu's Story so many times that he couldn't ignore it, and could not stand that Trickie did a better job than him--so his only option was to try to ruin it. If HE remakes Rosechu's Story in his won style then his version is the superior version by fiat. Is there any evidence to support this idea? Well, Chris did just admit that he didn't like how the characters in Rosechu's Story emoted through actions and not through massive text walls.


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Wow, Chris is such an incorrigible asshole that he had no idea people hate the political scenes in the Star Wars prequels. In fact, he is under the impression that said scenes are downright beloved. All this, in service to a hateful nonsequitor designed to invalidate gentle criticism. Chris is the type of guy who would defend nepotism by pointing to Sofia Coppala's outstanding performance in Godfather III.

He hates teen Titans go?! You'd think Chris would be worshipping that show because of how easy to digest and appealing to the autistic it is....well...color me impressed. :semperfidelis:
He's a sheep. If other people hate it, he will too.

That being said I'm also a sheep and think the original Teen Titans should have gotten a better series finale, another season and there more TV shows like it.