Twitter 8/1/19 - Hey, @BronyCon ! I am On My Way! -

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"Hey Bronycon, I'm coming! Dressed as a cheap dollar store pokemon trainer. Be there soon!" - Chris 2019.

People aren't going to recognize him as a trainer; if anything, they'll assume he's some weird pony OC. Like the ones that come from the human version.
... human ponies? Like in Jennifer Diane Reitz fanfics?

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... human ponies? Like in Jennifer Diane Reitz fanfics?
Nah, like Sarah Jessica Parker.

Looks like his hormones are working, or this time he shaved right before the con, because if you compare this to the pics of the last two years he no longer has a five o' clock shadow. 🤔🤔
You can clearly see his shadow in the second photo. Hormones aren't doing shit but making him fat. We probably don't even notice all the blood clots in Chris' brain because of his low IQ.

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My prediction: Nothing exciting will happen. A bunch of spergs will take selfies with him for some reason. During a Q&A he will get the mic and sperg on and on about how the show and bronycon aren't supposed to end because some pony told him. He will probably be mostly ignored, and if not, he may storm off but that'll be about it.
I'm gonna have to agree with you Hulkster. The next four days are going to be boring as all get out. Chris is going to waste money on pastel pony toys, make smug Twitter posts and take terrible selfies, and then go home. Maybe the van will die like his Focus did last year. I would love to be proven wrong, but I doubt it'll happen.

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As of that update, nothing exciting yet.
Fucksake, Chris is looking like shit. He looks like Ben Franklin cosplaying as "cool" 90's Elmer Fudd. You could feed a good sized African village with that double chin of his.


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I'm going to be optimistic and say that he has someone staying with her while he is gone.
Well during one trip Barb went on a tear and threw away several garbage bags of Chris' stuff and, according to Chris, the Classic was in one of them. I guess she's moved on from threatening suicide to revenge. I have to wonder if something similar will happen this time.

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I think we should do an easter egg hunt: Looking for Chris Chan at Bronycon 2019 youtube videos.
I like this! :like: It's kind of like those old Where's Waldo? books...

I wish someone checks on Barb or least the house.
@bigshot already confirmed she's locked in the fruit cellar, so she'll have lots of nutritious bananas to keep her company.

Maybe the van will die like his Focus did last year. I would love to be proven wrong, but I doubt it'll happen.
IIRC, the Focus was already dead/dying last BronyCon and Chris was only allowed to take the van on the condition that he get an oil change for it. (And we all know how well that worked out.)

Beats me... But I'd like to think that he wouldn't leave his 76 year old mom by herself without having someone at least check in on her.
The siren song of BronyCon, socialization with his fellow spergs, the Grand Galloping Gala, and hundreds of dollars worth of cheap plastic crap versus concern for Barb?

Yeah, you keep thinking that...
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Oh great, so with her in the fruit cellar, it has finally come full circle and the house has become the cabin from Evil Dead.
I Refer you to my prior post, Chris has gone full Norman Bates...then again Anthony Perkins was more convincing as an old lady than Chris being a tween girl can ever be.
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