Interests Twitter 8/11/2017 Chris Spotted At Bronycon - A Wild Brony Appears

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I actually noticed that too. It seems like his liking of Sonic has gone way down since the whole blarms incident. I think that whole saga caused him to think less of Sonic. On a side note, It'd be hilarious if he now regards Sonic the (Fictional) Hedgehog, as a troll.
Nah Chris has never obsessed over Sonic the way other people (especially other Sonic fans) think he did. Even before the whole blue arms thing Chris barely ever talked about Sonic. He never sperged out when Sonic was confirmed for Brawl, or the whole Sonic Unleashed Were-hog thing. He'd just buy the games and all their DLC and that's about it. Hell there was a video where GuruLarry tried to talk Sonic with him and Chris could barely understand what he was talking about. Hell if his characters weren't Sonic recolors you'd be hard pressed to even know he's a Sonic fan.


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So he's asking what ad-lib they've already thought of that they'd like to use in the future. I don't really think that's an ad-lib. I swear these voice actors must have experience working with the mentally handicapped.
C'mon man, their fanbase are 90%bronies... you can't get more mentally handicapped than that.

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Is that "Mane Event" pony SUPPOSED to be all the colors of the Tranny Banner and is that ass mark a "mic drop"? Talk about Fanservice.


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Watching CWC ask that question with that tone was the most frightening experience in my life.
I literally jumped with that first... whatever came out of his mouth.

It all comes off like it's some bizarre docudrama re-enactment with a b-grade actor overselling it.

Chris seemed high in his own life and social, almost in a trance throughout the whole thing.

Lots of these con nerds talk about "post con depression" - once real life sets back in after 72 hours of fantasy indulgence.

If "normal" folks talk about that, we may be in for interesting things from CWCVille in the coming days. :optimistic:

Oh Jesus. Is this Cathy older lady going to become a new heartsweet AND Barb-By-Proxy? An oedipal China singularity?
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