Twitter 8/27 - Chris wants everyone to be a manchild like him -

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Mariposa Electrique

In 2021, Shit will hit the fan 4 Chris
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Chris has discovered trans-age, everyone.

Seriously, do you know bigoted children and teenagers are. Old people are usually more compassionate because they're so lonely.

Stop being adults and be like me, a twitter stalker and all around pretentious pervert.

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Duck and Turn

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There's a difference between being young at heart and being young at brain.
Also, he kept that concept since childhood? How can you be young at heart when you are already a kid? Do you feel like you are fetus or what?
Young at heart, autistic in mind!

Also anyone who specifically mentions they don't like drama in their life usually tend to be the sort of people who cause the most of it.
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