Twitter 8/5 - Chris's stressful day (is blacklisted from Papa Johns; kicked a cop car after causing a fender-bender) -

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Sure Chris, the AC produced that smell. Because nothing else in that car is reportedly capable of producing noxious odours.

Even with everything going on, the one thing that really pushed him over the edge for the first time in a while is the fact that he can't have pizza delivered anymore.
Because we can't have a goddess leave his house to shove fatty food down his throat.
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And thus does reality hit him like a sledgehammer to the jaw, even as he frantically attempts to stave it off by retreating into delusion and claiming more people have seen his imaginary friends

Also, gotta love the fact that he kicked a cop car a few times and thinks that's sufficient payback for all the times the jerkops pwned him. You really showed 'em, Chris. I'm sure they'll regret crossing the "kind and understanding" CPU goddess now. :story:


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Honestly hitting someone's car, kicking a cop car 5 times, and finally realizing he's blacklisted from pizza delivery and having the pizza guys literally show him pages upon pages of false calls are all pretty good content, it seems Bronycon was not a bust for content after all.

Well, there goes the bulk of the bronycon high, at least. I wonder how many I HAVE AUTISM PLEASE LAUGH AT ME it takes to get the police to give a shit about Chris admitting to intentionally damaging a police vehicle?

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