Twitter 8/5 - Chris's stressful day (is blacklisted from Papa Johns; kicked a cop car after causing a fender-bender) -

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I have my doubts that he kicked a police car. While he may appear deranged, there is no way that the police in that area don't know him and would realise that he isn't completely disabled to the point that he doesn't know right from wrong.
He either didn't kick the car, the police didn't see him do it, or he just got hooked up by a cop that was probably at the end of his shift.
I share the same doubts. I think it’s either Chris “mentally” kicking the car the same way he thinks he can hurl lightning bolts, or he touched the tire or tailpipe with his foot without any force and blew it up in his mind and on Twitter like he kicked the car with force.

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The fact that he was blacklisted from Papa Johns I kind of find that as a good thing. Mostly because it would kind of force him out of the house every once in a while to go pick up a Pizza instead of having it delivered. Therefore he can't be lazy on that front anymore. He actually now has to work a little to pick up food.
Chris would probably wreck the car.

Also, prank ordering pizzas is dumb w∈∈n shit.

As much as I make fun of Chris and all that crap, ordering pizza to his house is stupid. If you paid for it so they'd deliver it, congrats, you gave fatty more free food. If you didn't pay for it, then Chris and Barb would refuse to pay and the poor delivery man and rest of the restaurant would waste their time and money.
Hulk, you're a great daddo.


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In the brony con pics where he wasn't posing with enabling tards he looked like he wanted to lay down on the con floor and take a nap, so I'm not surprised chris's spongy, fat foot couldn't harm a car door. It had to be like hitting the door with a pillow. Probably didn't even scratch the finish.

A shame barb was there to calm things down. Another case of mommy distracting people so fatty can waddle away from danger.
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Someone recently mentioned "this is how he had an accident before" and then the absolute madman up and does it!
If it were my truck, and I saw the incident, but then saw Chris I'd be like "fuck it yeah this is gonna make go viral in a bad way on social media".

Thinking about his tasks. Jesus H.