Twitter 8/5 - Chris's stressful day (is blacklisted from Papa Johns; kicked a cop car after causing a fender-bender) -

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So, the van sorta broke down in the worst/best way possible, he even admits he wasn't really paying attention when he hit another vehicle, he didn't think much of it and yet it bit him in the ass hard with having to deal with the law, and to top it all off...he's literally banned from getting Papa Johns delivery out of the blue, something he probably hasn't actually done in a long while because I can't imagine this is at all a new development that wouldn't have been revealed previously if Chris was a regular customer.

Oh, and he kicked a cop car, which is freakin' hysterical given that it just proves deep down, it's the same asshole we've followed for years and no amount of pony glitter, video game goddess self-image having is going to change who Chris truly is.

But yeah, the fact his post-Bronycon high got shut down in hours purely because he had to get off his lazy fucking ass and pick up a pizza in person. Absolutely glorious.

The fact he hates Uber is certainly interesting, though, did something happen there with Ubereats that went south? The whole fucking town has to know about Chris after all this time, after all.

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Chris doesn't know jack shit about any sort of car smells, so sulfur is probably just 'bad' to him.

I have a good feeling that the mini van is never serviced for anything, so it really could be fucking anything. As previously mentioned, catalytic converter could be an option.

Another thought would be that he's running some ancient fucking oil, the AC died, and he's sucking fumes from the last of that shit burning off. Likewise, could be an oil leak burning off on the engine block.

Run that thing into the ground, Chris! Yeehaw! 🤠

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how the fuck do you get blacklisted from papa johns
Technically, he didn't. It was a bunch of w.3.e.N.z constantly prank-calling the place. His number was blacklisted; they're not delivering to his address because they can't tell the fake calls from the real ones. If Chris went there personally, he might get served, but it's far too much to ask such an important CPU goddess (of an obsolete computer, no less!) to go out and pick up a pizza.
Besides, his car is clearly on its last legs. It probably wouldn't survive the trip down the driveway, never mind to the store and back.


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Sending pizzas is so elementary school level of pranking. Only epic w€€n kids do this shit. We all know the biggest content creator, trolling extraordinaire is the tranny, the myth, and the legend himself Chris Chan.