Twitter 8/5 - Chris's stressful day (is blacklisted from Papa Johns; kicked a cop car after causing a fender-bender) -

Buck Mullet
I'd be suprised if sonchu has basic collision insurace, I'm surprised he has up to date registration, frankly. Anyone know about this?
Basically Chris needs insurance to keep his registration and plates up to date, or else both his license and registration on the vehicle can be suspended. I think his mush brain realizes that blowing off an insurance bill could be far more painful than just paying it, but who knows. Maybe he's done that before and bought toys instead, only to get "lucky" and re-insure the vehicle and pay whatever penalties apply without the misfortune of being pulled over in that time.

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I know in some/all? states its required but you can easily trick the system, or just fall through the bureaucratic cracks very easy and keep your reg, even in states that require it. In southern ca cops really don't do shit about mexicans without DL/reg unless they have a warrant or DUI's but most of the time they just change their name get a new clean identity after spending a night in jail and signing a "promise to appear" notice, which only the most exceptional would actually consider doing.

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Or the "sulphur" is just his own smell from not showering since 20XX.
Or sonchu mark III could be burning oil/antifreeze or some other liquid or it could be something else. Either way, that car has seen better days and it wouldn’t surprise me if the car dies soon. Those caravans regardless of model aren’t long for this world. Isn’t it funny, no matter where you go, youll see a late model caravan hanging on to a thread of life while being driven by a clinically obese person? Yikes.


I'll drink my agua to that!
What do you think he's going to try to get?
A Lambo
I don't think Chris is as dumb as Boogie is. He bought a $100K Tesla because the salesman was persuasive and then begged for the money to make the payments like a week later. I think Chris would prioritize having money for toys and vidya over an expensive car.


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The fact that he was blacklisted from Papa Johns I kind of find that as a good thing. Mostly because it would kind of force him out of the house every once in a while to go pick up a Pizza instead of having it delivered. Therefore he can't be lazy on that front anymore. He actually now has to work a little to pick up food.

I would be upset if I heard nobody could deliver my food but in the case of Chris. A person who stays in his house most of his life and plays with legos I think of this as a positive thing for him to see the outside world a little.