Twitter 9/21 - How to grow larger breasts -

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I don't know if I would use the word "natural" for any of what Chris wrote in that tweet.
Just like his foolproof plan to not lose any unborn child there's a tiny problem with this life hack ... It doesn't work.
Can you link me to this plan please? Or tell me how to find it? It sounds like pure gold
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What's the deal with those fries? They don't look like McDonald's fries. They look like Five Guys fries. But everything else in the picture is clearly McDonald's.

Very strange.
I thought they looked off. I thought they were more "organic" fries at first because I didn't pay attention to the box.
From the looks of it, they're probably old, leftover fries, which is why they look so barren. Who the hell eats leftover McD's fries anyway? They taste disgusting when they're not fresh.

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Chris - the more shit you can spew out of your ass on the daily - the bigger they will get -no matter what you eat - if your mom has to dedicate more and more time cleaning your dirty crapped briefs- that is a key indicator to successful enhanced bustycakes bustage - seriously for how much this fag cries poverty and prioritizes lego and vidya over all else - I'm surprised he does not just subsist off his local foodbank eating healthy foods that they give away for free multiple times a week - Chris would rather have a few grand of Mcdonalds debt racked up on his tard cards. This creature should be locked in a science lab observatory cage like the one in The Fly 2, and fed nothing but marshmellow peeps.


I dont know if anybody pointed out yet, but even the reduced sodium soy sauce from food lion has 500mg of sodium per serving and i guarantee you Chris uses multiple servings per sitting. If you factor it into him using for nearly every meal of his day he's probably racking up 2-3x the recommended amount per day

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To be honest this thread is just making me wonder if Chris' greatest enemy isn't autism, but rather diabetes.
Chris doesn't have diabetes, but if and/or when he'll know alright.

He whines about the slightest inconvenience. Diabetes is a nasty disease, and it will be like the end of the world to a guy who equates yard work to surviving military combat, like he did in the Kacey's dad phone call.

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it's called getting fat.
What delusion told him this?
Also Jessica responded to this.
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I love how Watermelon is just "err" like "Okay, this bitch is actually crazy - even I don't think this is a good idea!"

Are we sure this isn't Jessica Quinn posting on Chris' twitter? Since the 'relationship' started, there's been some pretty unusual things popping up on there (the 'kiwi is tasty' thing, for a start). Has she gotten hold of Chris' passwords?
Possible. But Chris also tends to post more when he's 'happy' and crowing about his discoveries.

It's also interesting that so much of his transition involves bigger boobs. He doesn't seem to understand that being a woman isn't just a case of bolting tits on to a man. I've always suspected there was an element of autogynephilia to his transition.
I don't think Chris really understands the science behind gender differences. To him, he sees that men have nipples, which on women supposedly produce milk, so therefore if he increases his moob size that will turn them into woman's breasts.

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Here's probably part of his "inspiration", if it hasn't been posted before.
Even this article spouts nonsense
I should point out that searching "soy and gynecomastia" in the National Institute of Health database only spews out three articles, but you'll be happy to know that the reproductive tracts of male macaques were not adversely affected by ingesting soy. There is one interesting case report of a 60-year-old man who developed big ol' hooters and presented to a gland clinic for an answer. His gynecomastia eventually went away when they discovered he was drinking 3/4 of a GALLON of soy milk A DAY and told him to cut it out.
Gynecomastia cannot just go away.
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Yeah. He's also watching videos on how to develop psychic powers. He liked this one about opening "third eye chakra."

He's following the creator on Twitter and Patreon.
Did Chris hide his likes features on youtube gaming? I can't find it.
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