Money Twitter 9/28/20 - Chris wants to open more online shops

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The American Hedgehog

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Jul 28, 2015
Chris acknowledges the closure of CWCville Shopping - he failed to pay the bill - but announces he wants to open more shops. He's upset about the pinned Don't Buy From Chris thread.

Also shows off his filthy medallion.

Screenshot_2020-09-28 Tweets with replies by Chris Chan Sonichu CPU Blue Heart⚡️💙⚡️ ( CPU_CWCS...png

Screenshot_2020-09-28 Chris Chan Sonichu CPU Blue Heart⚡️💙⚡️ on Twitter.png

Screenshot_2020-09-28 Chris Chan Sonichu CPU Blue Heart⚡️💙⚡️ on Twitter(1).png


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The Fool

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Jan 2, 2016
My favorite thing about Chris is he's incapable of processing long-term rewards, putting in a small sacrifice to gain something more than the sacrifice cost. If he just decided to spend just a tiny bit less on legos that month to keep his shop open, and actually stocked the shop, he could probably have gotten even more legos. I hope it never changes. Also legitimately curious if he's really going to put in the effort to open another shop, he seems so willfully divorced from reality now that he'd probably consider it a waste of time.

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Oct 28, 2018
Chris's "business model" was to buy a bunch of clay or plastic toys, put them together so sloppily that they often broke in transit, charge a frankly hilarious amount of money for these hack-jobs, and then spend that money on himself instead of shipping. Then he shat himself and did nothing for a month or two until the person got fed up with waiting and started yelling at him, at which point he either doxed them in a fit of tard rage or had to beg for money to ship these people the things they'd already paid for. That is the worst business model since multi-level marketing was invented.

He probably wants someone else to do the work and give him the monies.

That's what Sonichu Entertainment of America was supposed to be; the troll who fed him that script basically wrote it so that he would have workers to do all the actual labor for him while he shit himself and did nothing. Chris probably thought that was a fantastic idea.

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Jul 11, 2020
Is Chris still active on his account here? I imagine 90% of CPU Paul Blart's day cooped up in his dimensional merge bunker involves buying toys off eBay and hanging around all the places that hold free real estate in his mind 24/7 like here and twitter.
He hasn't logged on since the 22nd of August.

The Fool

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Jan 2, 2016
How would Chris cope had he never saw that Roger Rabbit movie, nor heard of the the multiverse theory (through Family Guy)?

(Idea Guys wouldn't be able to mess with Chris like they did)

With the advent of this tsunami of isekai manga/anime, I don't doubt Chris would still be attracted to the delusions of another, better life awaiting him in another world, considering how many other losers are currently using that fantasy to cope with being losers.

Sep 15, 2016
The medallion that went up Chris’s poop chute was the lucky one, it seems.

I’ll bet you that even after being up there, it looked cleaner, nicer and better than what he got dangling around his neck rn.

Why TF did he even post a pic of it?!? Does Chris really think a rancid medallion that’s falling apart is a great advertisement?