Twitter Autism - What is the dumbest thing you’ve seen posted on Twitter

Sorry to get off topic with this, but I got a back-handed response for making the above post.
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I was just trying to share the smiles and laughs that thread brought me with others. Why does spreading joy upset you? :(
How would have found out about this post? The post on the thread isn’t really that popular, the thread itself isn’t that fleshed out, and this isn’t that niche of a forum. Fuck, did someone touch the poo!
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The reason anime twitters are so well known are because they act in the digital public scope. Furries for example simply create groups within the fandom, "x furries". Not to mention having an avatar from a specific anime says more about you than what kind of dogfucker OC you have.

Not to mention "randos" only appear when you're baiting likes and retweets, else literally nobody gives a fuck about you. This is out of a C-list celebrity's first encounter with paparazzi.
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came across a tweet from a guy who is losing braincells over an adult cartoon's artstyle (frankly the show doesn't interest me in the slightest), hilarity ensued

lmao 4.PNG

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he decided to block me afterwards, lol


I decided to check out some of his posts on one of my backups and found these posts

lmao 2.PNG

lmao 3.PNG