Twitter Autism - What is the dumbest thing you’ve seen posted on Twitter

left arm

I can't let my mii girlfriend beat me.
Rat is a racial slur against Asians? Is this common? I don't think I have ever heard of it. Some regional thing this snowflake thinks everyone knows about?
It's not common, or even used at all as a slur nowadays. People assume it's a racial slur against Asians, sense in WWII, the US often depicted the Japanese as animals in their propaganda. Rats seemingly became common because of the tagline "Trap the Jap", and because Asian caricatures are often depicted with large teeth.

There's more I found but my wifi is being shitty so I can't share.
The reason this argument falls apart though, is that snakes were also used as well, which fandom people also use for the same meaning as rat. No one calls characters either of those solely for being Japanese/Asian (to be more general). It's just meant to show a character is nasty/duplicitous.

Tl;Dr: It's not a slur. It's a relic found entirely in WWII propaganda based off of existing anti-Asian stereotypes. Someone likely stumbled across it and assumed it's way more common as a derogatory term towards Asian people than it actually is, and it spread within circles that care about that stuff. But hey, if people want it as a slur then I'm sure people would be happy to make it happen.

This are so fun.
  • Taxes are theft.
  • Government is theft.
  • Bureaucracy is theft.
  • Administration is theft.
  • Public services are theft.
  • Public education is theft.
  • IRAs are theft.
  • Pensions are theft.
  • Social security benefits are theft.
  • Sick pay is theft.
  • Disability pay is theft.
  • Health insurance coverage is theft.
  • Owning something that changes in market value for reasons outside of your control is theft.
  • Being born is theft.
  • Consumption of oxygen while being either too young or too old to contribute to society is theft.