Twitter Autism - What is the dumbest thing you’ve seen posted on Twitter

Leonard Helplessness
You would think that a government official would be more cognizant of the potential risks of dunking on a wealthy businessowner who creates many thousands of jobs for your constituents but has been openly courting the idea of relocating his business to a different state.

You would, evidently, be wrong.


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I have no love for Elon Musk but watching someone cut off her nose to spite her face is always a treat.


Is Reimu gonna have to smack a bitch?
more animal crossing lunacy
why do people start drama over animal crossing of all things? also lol "stealing someone's island"

Unless they are talking about custom patterns you can only work with the stuff that is provided. Which you can mostly arranged wherever.

The person who was harassed should have said "Fuck you. It's just a game" and ignored the autistic tweets like these people didn't exist. Who the hell cares. It's not like the alleged thief copied a masterpiece. They made some trees and houses look the same way as someone elses. It might have even been a coincidence.

I hate communities centered around a single game. It always attracts major autists.


Deader than the parents on "Party Of Five"
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It's the white man's fault that people don't like hookers and fat chicks.