Disaster Twitter outage shuts down platform globally -

Pol Pots Pooter


It started at the same time as Trump's "social media summit".

Someone verbally bitch slap me back into sanity because the tinfoil hatter in me wants to jump out the window, strip naked, and run in circles screaming the lizard alien/mole people war is upon us.

Disgruntled Pupper

True & Honest Fan
Can it be permanent?

In all seriousness, Twitter seems like the biggest dead weight of all the social media platforms. Who even uses it any more? Unless you're an influencer on another platform, engagement is practically non-existent. The days of posting "Fuck Ponald Blumpft!" and getting 500 likes are over. It's basically just a place for Trump to shitpost in real time, trannies to screech into an ever decreasing void, and third-worlders to post videos of themselves dying and that's it. Cut it loose.

Pol Pots Pooter

It's a (((coincidence)))
Yeah, I mean the worst-case scenario on this is it's some ill-conceived Trump protest stunt, but still...

I haven't known the precise details of the goings-on in the world for almost an hour. (:_(
...tell me about it. I found out about that 7.1 earthquake practically as it was happening because I was on Twitter at the time. Back in 2011 I was watching Jp Twitter for news about the tsunami and Fukushima, and it was a great source of lulz during the Arab Spring. Always believed social media outages would be what precedes global shit-fan scenarios, and now I'm just on edge. Thanks clown world.

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