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Twitter pedo network

Discussion in 'Spergatory' started by mapmapper, Jan 12, 2019 at 5:30 AM.

  1. Maybe THIS is the right forum thread huh?

    People either want to protect kids from child sex abuse or they don't, but here's a network of pedos on Twitter quite happy to post about how they love 2 year olds.

    I'm not posting this again. If people aren't interested in the safety of kids online, then we're screwed.

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  2. i assume those are all accounts with ones in the centre being the worst?
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  3. You got it. The larger and redder they are, the more followed by other accounts they are. The closer being more connected to others in the vicinity. Think there's 1600 accounts there. Worrying indeed...
  4. and how long do you believe this network has been running for?
  5. I couldn't say. That wasn't part of the scraped data, but it has almost certainly got worse with under 16s identifying as 'MAP' or 'NOMAP' since the Tumblr shutdown.
  6. do think this connects to any other sites in terms of say same users?
  7. https://ufile.io/k7bj6
    A link there to the gephi network file - anyone interested will need to grab Gephi online from their website. It's free. It lets you look at the graph interactively and zoom around etc.
  8. It's more than possible...
  9. Anyone who uses Twitter is a pedophile
    Ron /pol/

    Ron /pol/ https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Intolerance_(film)

  10. Sounds like something a predator would say.

    Apoth42 Hehe xd

  11. lol. Very helpful ;)
  12. Sounds like something someone self-projecting would say x
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