Disaster Two more bodies found in inquiry into German crossbow deaths - Someone got medieval on their asses.

Pocket Dragoon

For one-tenth a soul, or a sexual favor.
Damn, I'd almost forgot about that guy.

I knew German SCA types were serious, so no surprise here.

There's a K31 and a Mauser 98 sitting in my safe though.
I'm still kicking myself for not picking up any of the Lebels, Steyrs, or Carcanos I found at a hunt/sport club store in the Pfälz (near Neustadt a.d. W.).

Though the legal requirements, time commitment, & paperwork were quite exhaustive & expensive, the shop was a weird hybrid of a Bass-Pro, high-end appliance store, and a super-efficient DMV.

The staff there were something else, and makes me yearn for finding a shop one day in the States with the same attention to detail and service.

They had uniforms, because Germans; either trap/skeet jackets or forester's tunics (think US park ranger stuff).

Nothing tactical, strictly verboten (wink wink).


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They're lagging pretty far behind in tech. We're in the modern era and they've still got crossbowmen? I guess losing their capital to Suleiman fucked them up pretty bad.


Moving upwards in life
I lived in Germany in the late 1980's. The cops carried Uzis. Just regular street cops had Uzis strapped across their chests like a tourist with a camera strap. But everyone in Germany was so happy, back then. They had plenty of beer, the Berlin Wall was coming down and no one messed with Uzi carrying cops. Boy, how times have changed.
The reason why the cops had uzis was that the RAF was still active at that time. Germany had a huge problem with left wing terrorism in the 70s until the early 90s.
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Primark Primarch
Bavaria, of course it is... the national pastime is keeping slaves in basements.

English language coverage...

Killing yourself with a crossbow- is that even possible? Can your arms reach far enough to turn it on yourself? I’ve only ever seen one in a museum and it was fairly hefty, I dont think I could have pulled the trigger with it facing towards me...
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Why is is that I have to get all my information from foreign media outlets?
Neither their pictures, not the fact that he was the owner of some freak shop was revealed in the german news.

Killing yourself with a crossbow- is that even possible? Can your arms reach far enough to turn it on yourself?
My first thought, especially since it was a woman.
She took great risk, imagine if you miss and have to lay there slowly bleeding out while in gruesome pain...

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