Disaster Two more bodies found in inquiry into German crossbow deaths - Someone got medieval on their asses.

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Damn, I'd almost forgot about that guy.

I knew German SCA types were serious, so no surprise here.

There's a K31 and a Mauser 98 sitting in my safe though.
I'm still kicking myself for not picking up any of the Lebels, Steyrs, or Carcanos I found at a hunt/sport club store in the Pfälz (near Neustadt a.d. W.).

Though the legal requirements, time commitment, & paperwork were quite exhaustive & expensive, the shop was a weird hybrid of a Bass-Pro, high-end appliance store, and a super-efficient DMV.

The staff there were something else, and makes me yearn for finding a shop one day in the States with the same attention to detail and service.

They had uniforms, because Germans; either trap/skeet jackets or forester's tunics (think US park ranger stuff).

Nothing tactical, strictly verboten (wink wink).


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They're lagging pretty far behind in tech. We're in the modern era and they've still got crossbowmen? I guess losing their capital to Suleiman fucked them up pretty bad.


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I lived in Germany in the late 1980's. The cops carried Uzis. Just regular street cops had Uzis strapped across their chests like a tourist with a camera strap. But everyone in Germany was so happy, back then. They had plenty of beer, the Berlin Wall was coming down and no one messed with Uzi carrying cops. Boy, how times have changed.
The reason why the cops had uzis was that the RAF was still active at that time. Germany had a huge problem with left wing terrorism in the 70s until the early 90s.
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Bavaria, of course it is... the national pastime is keeping slaves in basements.

English language coverage...

Killing yourself with a crossbow- is that even possible? Can your arms reach far enough to turn it on yourself? I’ve only ever seen one in a museum and it was fairly hefty, I dont think I could have pulled the trigger with it facing towards me...
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Why is is that I have to get all my information from foreign media outlets?
Neither their pictures, not the fact that he was the owner of some freak shop was revealed in the german news.

Killing yourself with a crossbow- is that even possible? Can your arms reach far enough to turn it on yourself?
My first thought, especially since it was a woman.
She took great risk, imagine if you miss and have to lay there slowly bleeding out while in gruesome pain...


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Members of a German crossbow sex cult suicide pact took knock-out drops before they were willingly killed in an attempt to be 'reborn in a higher realm,' investigators revealed today.
In May, German police were left baffled when three people were found dead from crossbow wounds in a sleepy Bavarian guesthouse and two days later two other cult members were found dead 400 miles north in Wittengen.
All five are understood to have believed they were 'World Renewers and World Heritage Producers' who thought they had been 'reborn' multiple times and that their deaths would transport them to a higher realm, Bild reported.
Detectives today believe Torsten Weiss, 53, and Kerstin Enders, 33, took drops of narcotics, similar to a date rape drug, before Farina Caspari, 30, shot them and then herself in Passau.
Caspari's girlfriend Gertrud C, 35, and Carina U, 19, who were discovered two days after the trio, are thought to have poisoned themselves at Caspari's apartment in Wittengen.
Senior prosecutor, Walter Feiler, told Bild of the pair in Bavaria: 'Residues were detected in the blood. There was also a bottle in the room. The two persons (Weiss and Enders) were unable to act and unconscious at the time of the crime.'
Capsari shot Weiss and Enders, who were holding hands on a bed, through the heart on May 12.
She then turned the weapon on herself, shooting a bolt through her neck.
Caspari's civil partner, a teacher, Gertrud C and Carina U were discovered two days later at the apartment the couple shared in Wittingen, Lower Saxony.
Weiss had previously been described as the domineering head of the sex cult who treated the women 'like slaves,' controlling them with physical force and psychological manipulation.
Prosecutors confirmed today he was believed to have had sexual contact with all four of the women.
The ringleader ran a medieval-themed shop filled with weapons, Knights Templar flags and a blood-spattered mannequin on the counter.
Carina U's parents told German press at the time their daughter had fallen under Weiss's spell years ago and broken off contact with them.
The others to die had also been isolated from their families and appeared to have been carried away by Weiss's charisma.
At the time of his death, Weiss was living with Enders in the village of Westerwald where the pair ran a bizarre medieval-themed shop.
The shop featured mannequins covered in blood and chains and sold mead - an alcoholic drink from the Middle Ages brewed with honey - along with weapons.
The shop also offered sword fighting classes twice a week.
Weiss was the legal owner of his medieval-themed shop until May 2018, but worked there until his death. It is not clear who owned the shop before or after him.
Little is known about Enders or how she met Weiss, but police said earlier this year the pair had written up wills.
Together with Caspari, the pair shared a love of the Middle Ages and in particular jousting, which they actively participated in.
Weiss, Enders and Caspari had been on their way back from a jousting tournament in Germany when they died.
Before he owned his shop, Weiss had lived in a rented farmhouse which he shared with Caspari, her partner Gertrud and Carina in Lower Saxony.
The house was located on a 500-year-old horse farm which comprised several buildings, a former manor, 40,000sqm of land, stables and a riding arena.
The foursome were reported to have lived there for two months in 2017.
Alexander Krüger, 44, the man who rented the farmhouse to Weiss, described him as a 'master' who ordered the women about.
Speaking to Bild, Kruger said that Weiss initially claimed to be a psychologist wanting to rent the farmhouse with his girlfriend, who he described as a lawyer.
But after signing the lease the girlfriend never came back, Kruger said, and was instead replaced by a lesbian couple who where joined later by a much younger girl - believed to be Caspari, Enders and Carina.
Kruger added that all three women dressed in heavy black clothing, while one of them had a shaved head.
Weiss was reported to have met Caspari, a bakery saleswoman, and Gertrud, a primary school teacher, at a martial arts class some time before 2017.
Around the same time the women met him, they severed contact with their families.
Weiss was said to have met Carina while she was still a minor after she had run away from her family and was living in state care.
Police believed the trio died on the Friday night before they were discovered the following day.
Wills for Weiss and Enders were found in their possession.
Detectives then used Caspari's identity to trace Gertrud, who was registered as her partner, to their apartment 400 miles north.
They arrived on the Monday intending to inform Gertrud of her partner's death, but stumbled upon another apparent suicide instead.
Inside they found the bodies of Gertrud and Carina U, who detectives revealed today appeared to have poisoned themselves.
German law tightly restricts firearms but archery equipment is freely available as sports equipment and anyone over 18 can purchase a high-powered crossbow.


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It must be quite hard to shoot yourself with a crossbow, no? Admittedly I’m a petite person, but I have held a crossbow (in a museum) and I dont think my arms would be long enough.
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Saw "german" and "crossbow" in the title, immediately wondered what kinky shit Jörg had gotten himself involved in...
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Detectives today believe Torsten Weiss, 53, and Kerstin Enders, 33, took drops of narcotics, similar to a date rape drug, before Farina Caspari, 30, shot them and then herself in Passau.
Sounds like they had some dedicated crossbow shooters who apparently didn't get the knockout drops.
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It must be quite hard to shoot yourself with a crossbow, no? Admittedly I’m a petite person, but I have held a crossbow (in a museum) and I dont think my arms would be long enough.
If all of those people connected to the Clintons committed suicide by shooting themselves in the back of the head, I'm pretty sure that this guy could do it with a crossbow.

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