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This is a thread for all things Beard Harris Bullock Hughes (BHBH)

Background: BHBH is a large competent law firm situated in Tyler Texas and are currently providing counsel for Vic Mignogna and Todd Haberkorn for their upcoming lawsuits. They provide many services and have many lawyers on hand for all of your law needs, boasting attorneys with decades of experience in multiple states and even have a Texas state senator as partner. The BHBH group was introduced to the Weebwars by prominent farm favourite lawyer; Nick Rekieta and has since used our weaponized autism to their advantage. In return the BHBH group have bowed and paid homage to our autism in multiple shout-outs and grandpa's first meme.

Tyler Office: 100 Independence Place, Suite 300, Tyler, TX 75703
Frisco Office: 7460 Warren Pkwy, Suite 100 Frisco, TX 75034
Ph: (903) 509-4900
Fax (903) 509-4908

Main Players:
Percy Tyrone 'Ty' Beard
Senior Partner of BHBH and most prominent in the WeebWars
Likes: Texas, Law and litigation, Tabletop Wargames / Warhammer 40K, Military vehicles and equipment (especially SR-71's and grenades), Tang Soo Do (Chuck Norris fighting style), the NRA, MENSA, fine Cuban cigars, whiskey, 10 gallon hats, 'the Duke' (John Wayne), Space Battleship Yamato, beards, and putting his foot in your dumb arse.
Dislikes: Liars, cucks, people who file frivolous ethics complaints, and dumb arses

The Amazon Legion of Doom

Carey Christie / Laci Stovall, J.D. / Kristina M. Ross (unseen so far)
A group of three highly competent ladies affectionately known inside of BHBH as the 'Amazon Legion of Doom' because they will come and legally wreck your shit.
Like: Law and litigation, depositions that make grown men cry, depositions that turn into fistfights, NFL contracts, daughters, kicking arse and chewing bubble gum, being all out of bubble gum.
Dislike: Liars, cucks, people who file frivolous ethics complaints, sexual assault perps.

(Videos pinched from damians WW Rekieta discussion thread. Unchecked, Please mention if some are missing or wrong)
#FearTheBeard with Rekieta Law and Ty Beard on Vic Mignogna
Streamed live on Mar 4, 2019

The Amazon Legion of Doom
Streamed live on Mar 6, 2019

Two For One Special On Ethics Complaints - KamehaCon Fallout - With Ty Beard
Streamed live on Mar 20, 2019

#FEARTHEBEARD on the Difference Between Good Decisions and Bad Decisions
Streamed live on Mar 22, 2019

24 Hour Livestream
Streamed live on Apr 1, 2019

Weekend Happenings: KamehaCon Update, Meyer v. Waid: Meyer Responds!
Streamed live on Apr 13, 2019

After being informed of the farms the BHBH group have affectionately looked upon our humble community watch thread (now general discussion thread in WeebWars subforum) and has gained a lot of good will from the sub forum users. They appreciate all of the archiving work we perform, as it makes their job much easier, and recognize us as the group of t.ards we all are. Back and forth Meme-ing and Beard sightings have followed

The tweet heard around the world

https://twitter.com/TyBeard10/status/1101673069301694465 http://archive.li/9E8lP




"Is that grenade live? Well that's a complicated term."


/Thread in progress tag me if you want stuff added to OP (I'm going to pull shit from the discussion thread currently at pg200, but it might take a while) This isn't an LLP thread, it'll probably touch on that stuff due to it's lawyer nature, but you're all weebs so think of this as more of a general KF/BHBH shipping thread.
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So how long until this entire thread derails into a discussion about which amazon one would sleep with?

I'm saying this as a non-american, but this firm has one of the most 'Murica-sounding names I've heard so far from a legal firm. I like it though.

Personally I think the company will do well from this lawsuit (Vic's). They've gotten an insane amount of PR from it and most of it good. Dangertroon complaints not included.


For the Emperor?!
If they started a vlog I’d watch it. Also I hope The Beard never shaves off his beard.

I'm saying this as a non-american, but this firm has one of the most 'Murica-sounding names I've heard so far from a legal firm. I like it though.

Personally I think the company will do well from this lawsuit (Vic's). They've gotten an insane amount of PR from it and most of it good. Dangertroon complaints not included.
He does seem have a ‘Murica vibe in a good way.

The exposure should be good for them.

Kari Kamiya

"I beat her up, so I gave her a cuck-cup."
It'd be hilarious if this case is what ends up getting the Beard to watch Fist of the North Star and other manime, but upholding the LAW is first-and-foremost and then being a family man. His lovely daughters could bring him up to speed on it, though.

I think it's really sweet that people went up to him at KC and thanked him for everything he's been doing. In the first pictures we were seeing of him, he looked like he was just a fish out of water, having never stepped foot in a convention in his life and seeing all sorts of degeneracy on display before him. But watching Vic interact with his fans and having some of those fans recognize the Beard and taking fan pictures with him must've turned him around and made his day. I think that was his daughter accompanying him (not that I wouldn't doubt he has a good-looking wife, but I wasn't sure), and she must've loved what was going on. It's a sweet daddy-daughter moment, even though they work together (which is awesome btw).

I wanna get in on the meme fun, I just haven't found the right material, and the Fist of the Beard Star is just too perfect. So all I got thus far is keep fighting the good fight, Ty, thank you for your service. :semperfidelis:

But very quick I just want to know if the Beard is aware of the antics of Russell Greer and has had himself a good laugh over it. If he were to check any other thread on the Farms just because, Greer's thread would be the one for him, though I don't blame him for not feeling the temptation to look around.


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Ty Beard's books:



True & Honest Fan
Ty Beard's books:

Even the Primarch's literary works are about engines of destruction, much like himself.

How gloriously apt.

Anonymus Fluhre

No man fears what he has seen grow
Even the Primarch's literary works are about engines of destruction, much like himself.

How gloriously apt.
Decent game, but I'm not a fan of all of the empty space. I think some artwork would be nice there, even if't it's just the same artwork every chapter. It's made in such a way that it would look better as a pocket book just due to the empty space. If you ever get a copy of the book in pdf format, be sure to bookmark it if not done already. May also be useful to hyperlink some parts as they will talk about rules found elsewhere later in the book.

Does this count in things that aren't FFT3 related Beard by the way? I've always wondered this.
You may copy and paste data as part of scenarios you create or to support your position in an internet flame war.
You may, of course, cite FFT3 as a definitive and authoritative source for virtually any proposition, but Ty and Paul
assume no liability. (Though they may give you a virtual golf clap).
It's nice to put a face on the guy who did this book.
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