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So, following on the heels of Tyce gradually creeping his way into the spotlight and the publication of the "Juggalo Survival Guide", I've noticed a LOT of discussion lately about Tyce's illiteracy. It's not very well understood and there's a ton of theories flying around, but they're all in different threads. I figured it'd be nice to have it all in one place. So as a real quick recap, our first sightings of Tyce included him being fairly literate:

On the other hand you have tweets from a month ago or so that are barely legible:

Let's jump into some theories...

Proxy Theory
My pet theory is that other people are writing the tweets for him - he dictates what to say and they write it for him. This is most clearly seen during the MICIS saga where he and Colby were working together. At one point Tyce runs away and tweets on his own obviously shit-talking Colby, and it's nearly fucking unintelligible, but the other tweets (where he isn't shit-talking Colby behind his back) are perfectly well-spelled, just like the original tweets from 2012. These tweets occurred within an hour of one another. This leads me to believe Tyce just asks other people to write tweets for him.

But what's most interesting to me, and what doesn't quite fit into my theory very neatly is the tweets that are "inbetween"; they are partially spelled right, and mostly legible save for a few errors, like this one:

This probably isn't another person typing for him, or if it is, it's because he's relying on more than one person to write these for him - he just asks whoever is in his immediate vicinity, and is therefore left to the mercy of his random Juggalo friend's literacy skills (a terrible fate indeed) which obviously vary from person to person, as with any other skill. However, I'm still not sure.

Anyway... I've rambled enough about my theory, I want to give some time to other popular theories:

Drug Abuse Theory
This popular theory claims that Tyce's rampant drug abuse and disgustingly hedonistic lifestyle have slowly degraded his mental state. A lot of people blame it solely on Jenkem, but Jenkem isn't a neurotoxin, it doesn't literally make you stupider if you use it. Even despite that, I think a lot of people are taking this theory too literally. You must look at it holistically. Yes, Jenkem itself may not cause him to become a retard, but think about it: the kind of person who huffs their own shit to get high likely has a myriad of other mental problems.

All in all, the Drug Abuse Theory proposes a "Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas" model for how Tyce operates a keyboard: his level of spelling/reading competence fluctuates wildly and unpredictably depending entirely on what drugs he is currently taking. Given that Tyce is the kind of person who is ALWAYS high, well, it's not impossible to see how this could present problems.

It's entirely plausible that a combination of various factors from his lifestyle (lack of attention or effort, lack of good sleep, rampantly fluctuating mental states depending on which drug he is currently abusing) can effect something like his writing.

A great example of this was when he first came on the CWCki forums for his now-infamous debut appearance and declared, in his OP no less, that he was "faded on whippits shrooms and weed like waddup??"

That thread was one of the most unintelligible series of posts he's ever made, and it's entirely reasonable to attribute that to the insane cocktail of drugs that was in his system when he wrote it. While the whippits probably didn't effect him much (they're pretty short-lasting AFAIK), the shrooms and weed, depending on how much he took, DEFINITELY would have.

Speaking from personal experience, if you have enough drugs in your system, walking to the bathroom to take a piss becomes an epic and perilous journey, with many pitfalls and dangers and potential for disaster. Writing a post on an Internet forum would probably be quite a tall order, especially for someone who's already not that bright.

Posturing Theory
This theory claims that Tyce is intentionally misspelling some of his words to "fuck the system" or prove that society is bullshit or something. It's entirely plausible given his ridiculous attitude but we haven't seen any definitive proof of it one way or another. However, it could be argued that for someone as self-conscious as Tyce is about his illiteracy (it's one of his few "weak spots" for trolling him, he backpedals whenever Jace brings it up) that he wouldn't want to intentionally exaggerate something he's obviously quite insecure about. Not much else to talk about here.

Dyslexia Theory
I'll admit I don't know much about dyslexia - one of my college friends is dyslexic, but he doesn't talk about it much because he's insecure about it (very understandable) So please correct me if I'm totally off-base here, I'm just going on my own research, but I really think Tyce is dyslexic.

Couldn't reference the DSM as I love to do so very much as dyslexia was rephased as a "Specific Learning Disorder" (SLD) because people thought the term was too broad... but generally speaking, since A. most people are decently familiar with dyslexia as a disorder and B. I am not a qualified medical practitioner and cannot diagnose anything specific, I'm going to go for broad strokes here and just use dyslexia as a whole as a basis for understanding Tyce's insanity:

Tyce fits practically every single criteria listed on this website. I encourage you to read this. There are some that we can't verify one way or another (like his ability to read maps) but generally speaking, there aren't really any traits there that DON'T sound like Tyce. One specific line I found VERY interesting: "These characteristics are often inconsistent, and may vary depending upon the day or situation."

It's also important to note that, if Tyce was dyslexic, we wouldn't know for sure - it's not like he'd tell us. Even "normal" people with dyslexia are often shy about making that known. Someone like Tyce, who is so obsessed with self-image AND a compulsive liar, well... there's no way he would tell us that. HOWEVER, it's clear he's very self-conscious about it, as seen in the times Jace corrects him or asks him to read something, he always backpedals.

There's a lot of stuff to consider here, but it's very important to keep in mind that none of these theories are mutually exclusive. It's entirely plausible, in fact likely, that it could be a combination of many of these factors; Tyce could be dyslexic, drug-abusing, have his friends write shit for him, and/or be posturing... or some combination of those. With all that said, I hope I've provided a decent framework/discussion for us trying to understand his insanity. It's a passion of mine.

Like I said: this thread should serve as a place to discuss these issues. If you have questions, theories, criticisms, anything, post them. And if you want to correct me on something I said that was off-base, or try to punch a few holes in some theories, please do - critical thinking is always a good thing (as long as it's based on logic, of course)

That's all.
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Looking through all of Tyce's tweets and replies you sort of notice a few trends. Hashtags increase in frequency until capping out around 3 for a while, then come back with a vengeance and lose all comprehensibility around August 2014. The tweets themselves are pretty much all fine until August 2014, at which point they shit the bed and huff it. After that point he starts to go apeshit and get into all the skeleton war nonsense, #hashtags run wild and he's pretty much only posting about getting blazed or analchest activities.

The first mention of Tyce's #fukmedia/#fukpolice/#analchy attitude also comes from around late August (and was soon followed by the time he was jacking off huffing paint thinner, that's not directly related but I think that's one of his funniest tweets). I'm not really a Tyce expert, but it might be worth looking into if anything important happened around that time.

Now, after Tyce was being a big dummy for a while he suddenly starts tweeting comprehensibly again on September 22, the beginning of MICIS (some tweets from the few days before are provided for comparison). Deagledad posted some similar to these in the original post, but one of which specifically said "Colby here" at the start so that one was pretty obviously written by Colby.

Tyce was then removed from the MICIS operations on September 25th, here are some tweets from around that time.

So I'm going to agree with Deagledad in the conclusion that when he writes comprehensibly it's because someone's helping him.

Now, as for the reason everything is incomprehensible when someone else isn't helping him we'll need to look at more than the tweets.

Tyce's "Analchest Cookbook" has gone through eight editions and was originally known as the Juggalo survival guide. Here are some key passages for understanding the T-Dog. In case you aren't fluent in retarded juggalo stoner analchest the important bits will be summarized.

Wat up guys itsthe unknown soldier here with another ediitian of the juggalo survival guide. If u dont kno wat this shit is then its basically a guide for teens and juggalos tellin u how to survive n thrive on da streets. tis one is special edition cuz tis is all my best tip n trik but trimed down 4 my new crew da white justice army these are all the best tip n tricks if u wanna be an analchest or take down the gov or kill a few niggers or jews. now even if ur not proud of ur white race u can still use this guide just like always i didnt change much i just add sum new shit and tok some things away cuz tone told me 2.

Note: This is a special (white supremacist) edition of a guide meant for teens and juggalos. Not much was changed from previous editions, but some new shit was added and removed at the request of Stone Tone.

lil bit about me. im a teen souljour.18 yrs old true stret lifer workn 4 da revlotion.ive been runnin with juggalos sinc frenchman year hi chool and runnin with whyte justice army livin wyte pride since last week.

Juggalo since Freshman year, white pride justice soldier of the battlefield since last week.

a lota pll who read the old versioens of this guide wil notice sum stuf missing.this is bcoz i got stone tone,n wyte willis 2help out and we gona re write it so itl be more useful in da race war.tats y this is les about easy money,less about blazin and more about warfare against the gov and against the blacks

Stone Tone and White Willis helped edit it for more useful race war content

i wil write more if i fukin feeel like it n if stone tone or wyte willis tell me 2.

Tyce is still the one writing it, even though he's doing it at the request of the White Justice Army.

So if not much changed between editions like Tyce said, we should be able to look at the first section (EZ Money) for a good example of Tyce writing on his own. Depending on how much Tyce actual edited this thing between editions, this could have very well been around here from the start.

-Walmart Shoplifting Trick DIFFICULTY: EASY MONEY: $$$/$$$$$ RISK: NONE

So not many ppl know this. but walmart doesnt actually bust u if u steal something worth 25$ or less.basically my dad was telling me this in busineeess its called breakage. u lose a certain amount of shit no matter wat and it costs em more 2 call the cops and press charges than the thing u stole isnt actually worth that much so theyre just losing money if they sue u. so basiclaly what this means is as long as the total cost is under 25$ each time u do this then THEY WONT EVEN TRY TO STOP U.

Assuming there are times that Tyce is not blazed (considering there are indeed two times in the world this must be the case) that's probably what he used to write like back when his friends were tweeting for him. Comparing that to Tyce's first post on the Kiwi Forms you see similar spelling/grammar, but the main difference is coherence.

Here's a part of the Analchest Cookbook that is clearly a recent addition.

dis is a quik list of all da ppl wo we are wrin wit i wated 2 do my own soholoout out list frm da last editien of the cook booook cuz i gt my n sht out but dis i s whyte justice armyt shout out here so cu but wyte justice army we just gota giv respect 2 th local crews ya know cuz wit out tese guys weeee be stranddedead soljr b hind inim line

shout out list:
1. skeltins wo unfairly disrespect by the media. wen skeltins rise the fuk up n take they guns 2 the streets u mother fukers will fuking kno why it is.dtats because skeltin are fukin ppl toooo. evry 1 sayin th blacks r fukin o pressed by the fukin media but thats bull shiut cuz blacks get fuking handyouts every fuking day just 4 being black mean while da fukin skeltins are rotting in secret govnmnt prisns like area 51 and every1 is laffing at them in the media cuz with all dis halloweeeeen bull shit even da fuking spics kno 2 respect skeltins cuz day of dad deadd is actuyl bout skeltin if u think bout it i men wen i herd that 11st i thot it was cuz lik dawn of dead da movie but it like sum spic holladay about skeltins so if u think bout it if even spic kno the scocoooop ten uj cu obeme
2.MALOVELENT FREEDOM from lowell mass for like spreeadin t word bout niggers (thank 2 stone tonefor da help spelin teir name)
3stone tone 4 hlp m wit te fukan big aaass wrds n leter simbils (Note: Tyce probably doesn't mean big words like skeleton here, he means the ASCII headers. There's a HUGE difference between the opening "Juggalo Survival Guide" header quality to the rest of them, suggesting Tyce did the original himself and Stone Tone did the others)
4. dat guy wo threw a shooe at gerog bush on tv
5. red october
6. free america rally
7. wyte willis 4 helpin printang dese out so we can fukin spred m

So Tyce was probably completely fucking blazed when he wrote that and/or his new analchest persona requires writing like even more of a dipshit than usual.

Personally, what I conclude from all of this is as follows:
1) Tyce used to get his friends to tweet for him because...
2) Tyce sucked at words pretty hard to begin with but...
3) Tyce only gets worse at it while blazed and...
4a) Part of being an analchest is rejecting authority and the fascist media's suggested spelling AND/OR
4b) Tyce's constant huffing is starting to cause some of that good old brain damage


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I was watching the Portal 2 livestream - where Tyce goes googling something like "do robots skateboard" - and he seemed able to touch-type pretty well, even correcting a typo. Compare that to "tom dickson wer he live".

BT 075

He hung around with Jace too much so he went from a promising young man to a drug addicted race van driver. Jace is one helluva drug. :jacewtf:
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Even in his early tweets there were quite a few spelling errors ("Im", "aint", "your"), but compared to the drivel he has been secreting for the last couple of months it was pretty damn good.
I think his decline is due to his drug habits.


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Maybe the drugs have fucked up his brain to the point that he couldn't spell right, but I think that part of it has to do with image. With people like Tyce, having a "cool kid" or "tough guy" image is one of the few things that matter to them. To his friends, his misspellings make him seem edgy, but everyone else who's smarter than Tyce sees him as a dumbass.
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I was watching the Portal 2 livestream - where Tyce goes googling something like "do robots skateboard" - and he seemed able to touch-type pretty well, even correcting a typo. Compare that to "tom dickson wer he live".
Jace also made him read out a pretty long pledge at the end of his trial, and Tyce was doing it pretty fluently. Though it's interesting to note that Tyce did seem to feel uncomfortable about it, and was reading rather quietly and mumbling a lot. Might tie into these two points from the site DD linked to:
  • Avoids reading out loud. May dislike public speaking.
  • Will commonly perceive that they "read better silently."

    (Though shame for his defeat obviously also ties into it)

Also, isn't Dyslexia a learning disorder? AFAIK, you can to things to combat it, and still learn reading/writing even if you have it, it's just really difficult and requires lots of practise. I could imagine that Tyce's spelling was a lot better back when because he actually tried (wasn't there even something about him being kind of a nerd before he came to DN?), and as he stopped caring about it (is he still in school, or did he maybe drop out within the last two years? Anyone got any intel on that?), his spelling just got worse and worse (also, if you don't care about your spelling, why have someone else proof-read or write for you?).


Have you ever been at the point of no return when drinking? Like, you're sober enough to still be self-aware, but you're drunk enough to not care about anything? You're typing and you know you're spelling things wrong, but going back and correcting typos takes effort, and the motor skills required to hit all those buttons is more time consuming than just chugging forward.

I think this is how Tyce is all the time. His brain is all full of fuck and he just doesn't care.

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Have you ever been at the point of no return when drinking? Like, you're sober enough to still be self-aware, but you're drunk enough to not care about anything? You're typing and you know you're spelling things wrong, but going back and correcting typos takes effort, and the motor skills required to hit all those buttons is more time consuming than just chugging forward.

I think this is how Tyce is all the time. His brain is all full of fuck and he just doesn't care.
yeah....think I hit that point last night


I honestly feel (as some have suggested) that it is a combination of trying to look cool , poor reading/writing comprehension. Tons of people on Twitter and Facebook type similar to that. Like how teenagers type "I luv u" . Also when he gets high and on a rant or excited his finger probably stumble...I know when I used to drink I would text or type WAY differently.


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I can't remember if I still have the script I wrote long ago to archive Chris's tweets through the Twitter API. Would be interesting to make a dump of all #tycings and write some analysis tools to (e.g.) produce histograms of #fukobamaing and the intensity of #skelatinwaring over time. Really unfortunate that I'm tied up with other projects at least until the end of the year.

Edit: Uh huh. Looks like it's relatively easy to plug in the Aspell library in Ruby. Hmm. Hmm... Hmmmmmm... Nah, I've got to wake up early in Monday
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He more than likely has someone type/write things out for him, sort of like that chick that wrote My Immortal, which explains why it goes back and forth from brain damaged koala to George W. Bush.

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If you're reading this it's too late.
It's like the student becoming the master.
Sensei Jace taught Young Grasshopper Tyce to smoke weed and blaze it like a true #ANALCHEST.
Then Tyce discovered other drugs for himself and bested the master, but then his power spiralled out of control and turned him into an illiterate white supermacist with some form of necrophillia.


i'm betting he thinks the misspellings make him look edgy. they're too consistent to be random.
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I think it's a combo of many factors. Yeah, the drugs messed him up, he may have some learning disability, he wants to look cool or other factors may be in play.

Jace thinks reading and libraries are gay, so it's likely that the rest of DN shares these sentiments. It could be as simple as Tyce just doesn't read anything by choice and he just doesn't know how to spell correctly and he writes and spells like a 2nd grader as a result.

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I have no idea where else to share this or who else would care so here is what I think about Tyce:

So I am wondering how you would make a English-to-Tyce translator, and Katsu gave me the idea to use tries.

u, yu, yuo

but that would be massive and a waste of time so I say I look at each individual word of the string using regular expressions to break each word into its own substring. In the individual substrings, the algorithm would have a choice: Leave it alone, mess up a few letters at random, or define several regex rules that you can call at random for a consistent inconsistency. That would be the finest granularity I can comprehend for fucking up english enough to mirror a Tyce'd out state of mind. The Regex for grabbing every word of a string into an array that can be manipulated is
/\S+\s*/g or \S*\s*
Anyone else want to muse on this?

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I think the major points have been covered already (the Analchest Cookbook dyslexia giveaway and drunk typing), but I think it's worth pointing out that Tupac did a lot to popularize poor spelling. Of course Tupac himself was far from illiterate and was really just continuing and expanding on what Prince seemingly started. A lot of Tyce's writing seems like a lazy amalgam of uncorrected dyslexia or intoxication induced typos and teen wigger SMS-speak. Maybe Tupac influences at least the latter part.
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If you ask me, its BOTH the best he can do AND that he just doesn't care.

I am pointing to Tyce Zone (2?) when after he saw the rubber skeleton being misrepresented by the media, jaw dropped in utter disbelife (which I could also sperg on about... Tyce is intresting in the ways he is all fucked up) and then wrote a strongly worded letter to the people involved.

He talked out loud when he was writing it, knowing exactly what he wanted to put down, then just kinda... didn't bother fixing things. HE understands it. Why should HE go back and make his stuff legible? This here also goes with the almost-definitely-confirmed FACT! that he is a sociopath.

But the real curious thing is that he does spell some things consistently. Consistently wrong, mind you, but consistently. Of course with that said I am sure we all have some words that as we are typing at a rapid pace our muscle memory tend to misspell (for me it used to be the word friend. I would spell it as freind without thinking) but even there we have something that sounds the same. "Fuckobeme" confused the hell out of me for a long time until I saw it as "Fuck obme" and figured out he was trying to say "Fuck Obama". But he does that consistantly! Phoneticly, Obama doesnt have an E in it or anything sounding like it! And to me, this suggests he is doing it as some part intentionally.

But we wont ever know how he was before he was *REALLY* heavily into drugs, will we?