Lolcow Tyler Hertzler / Tyler.Senpai54 / Animelovr19 / Tyler X Sagori / Tyler X Shiro - Severely autistic anti-natalist manchild. Performs hand-mouthing rants in Wal-Mart while his mother orders him bodypillows. Obsessed with the children's show "Oobi"

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The bowel action is horrifying but I can't get over the fact that he does that with his shirt every time he poops. Is there anyone else on the planet that does that? Is it common and I'm just retarded?
Must be an autist thing, I don't think i've seen anyone else do that with their t-shirt as a regular thing at all.

Then again I am not familiar with the shitting habits of most people these days since most aren't so brain-bogglingly retarded as to record themselves taking a shit and then uploading it to share with the fucking world. So much for 'bathroom time is private time'.

Unless he jerked off in a cloud of his own shit-stank after turning off the camera. 🤮

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Can we just appreciate how this dude is playing children's games while having xvideos bookmarked?
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Well, we finally know the audience for those horrifying free flash games.
As for the other tabs, we have something related to the browser game QWOP (couldn't find the actual page from the bookmarked tab), another shitty browser game called Eggs For Bart, and something with the name 'All Steven Universe Episodes Free' (wow, what a faggot).


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this playlist doesn't seem to exist anymore but looking up jack37343 is a whole other rabbit hole of autism
Guess that confirms it. I dunno about anyone else, but it's really weird to me that his inflation kink is what he chooses to (try to) hide out of all of his other exceptional qualities. You'd almost expect him to have asked his mom to buy him a bike pump by now.

Dakota McIntire's YouTube channel:
Video archive

Nothing too interesting but it does show the (disgusting) state of the household. Also, it seems exceptional tendencies run in the family.
He seems to take after Tyler quite a bit. It's kind of scary how much of an influence he seems to have over this kid.
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New video (livestream)
I should probably mention that Tyler likes to do all of his videos live. Why? My hunch is that he is too incompetent to edit his own stuff, so just uses the youtube live feature as a crutch.
This stuff is quick to miss, so if for any reason you wanted to talk to him live, your window is always brief. Not that I think he'd be paying attention anyways.

EDIT: And he's still wearing that damn shirt.

He found the thread, boys. Apparently through a comment on his YouTube channel, too. And of course, in glorious Tyler fashion, he interweaves his response with him playing the Sprite Cranberry commercial and singing along. At least he changed his shirt this time.

  • He doesn't hate black people because he likes Sprite Cranberry and chicken.
  • He doesn't hate gay people, either.
  • He does, however, "hate what gay and black people do." Personally, I'd chalk up this logic to his autism and poor understanding of phrasing; I've heard worse from aspies who genuinely mean well. Funny as hell nonetheless.
  • He gets pretty defensive about the possibility of his mother being abusive
  • He REALLY doesn't take to being called a manchild.
  • He refers to "Oobi" as an existent being that causes him to say bad things. Coping mechanism, bad phrasing, Schizo-effectiveness, or escapism? I'd like to hear your thoughts.
  • He doesn't address else in the thread.


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I don't have anything to say yet except I'm SO EXCITED to finally have my own local lolcow. I grew up in Beaver, PA which is like one hop away from New Brighton.

The water there is toxic so I'm not surprised this young sir has spawned from such a place.

Thank you for this OP, can't wait to read more

Edit: the name Krystal Stewart leaves a very bad taste in my mouth. I feel like she may have been a patient of the doc's office I used to work in. The kind of patient on chronic narcotic therapy who constantly requests refills of her hydrocodone way too early every month and cops a huge attitude if you don't give her exactly what she wants. I can't verify that at all, though. It was too long ago
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