Skitzocow Tyler McMullen / Deffy Pyah Urz / "The Creature" / Sodapoppin Stalker - Schizo, repeat stalker, clout chaser, criminal, failed streamer, creator of the "timecube" of card games, pervert, fish abuser, possibly dangerous psychotic. Wants to lead his own streaming cult but no one knows who tf he is.

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John Hancock

Goodneighbor ain't gonna run itself
May 20, 2021
This gives me Randy Stair vibes of trying to be the next big thing
He says on his site that he hopes to die an old, successful variety streamer, so at least he intends to stay alive rather than an heroing in the middle of the Rite Aid he claims he got fired from.
Screenshot 2021-06-11 144615.png
If he catches wind of this thread, I 100% percent expect him to come here.

Looks like the type that wants even a crumb of notoriety at any cost.
His website was made with Wix and they give you traffic reports that show how people find your site, so if he doesn't already know about his thread by now, he'll find out shortly.
Anyone who has the shamelessness to film that affront to God video in the OP and eagerly attaches himself to the notoriety he received via the sodapoppin incident is absolutely going to make a verified account here once he sees his thread.


I know that I know nothing
True & Honest Fan
Mar 5, 2021
The read was good enough to make me sit through a video of a man fucking a stuffed bunny and then licking mustard from it's butthole after ejaculating on it. Nice work on your first OP. Also, fuck you!
Same, I even looked at his website. It burned my eyes.
jfc that bunny toy video disturbed me more than the shit I've seen at gore sites lately and turned it off once I realized what was happening.
I have to agree with you, I am pretty sure this is going to haunt me as I lie awake at night.
If he catches wind of this thread, I 100% percent expect him to come here.

Looks like the type that wants even a crumb of notoriety at any cost.
Lol, that is on point though.

Probably An Autist

mergers are gay
Feb 3, 2021
I didn't need to see that video.

The soda thing definitely reads like the start to one of the murder stalker incidents. Not creepy at all.


Feb 15, 2021
I watch Sodapoppin occasionally and its pretty jarring to see him actually freaking out about this fucking guy on that twitchcon video. It's pretty clear that he believes this retard to be an actual threat. It's not even funny.

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