Careercow Tyler McVicker / ValveNewsNetwork (VNN) / Tyler Jon McVicker - Autist with stalker tendencies larping as the Jason Schreier of Valve news



Meet Tyler McVicker. Since 2012 he has been running a YouTube channel inappropriately titled "ValveNewsNetwork".


You see, Tyler McVicker claims to be a journalist. He spent years sinking himself into college debt to get the degree that proves it, so he must be onto something. He makes videos that he calls "reports" and claims to have various "inside sources". He's also "friends" with Gabe Newell's son and Zack Tsiakalis-Brown (Valve contractor for various projects including Half-Life: Alyx). Tyler's biggest claim to fame is unearthing Half-Life: Alyx back in 2017 when it was just known as hlvr.


(One of many occasions where Tyler has had to backtrack on misinformation because of impulsiveness, lack of research and being an all around dumbass)

Tyler McVicker: Journalist


Being a real journalist is very important to Tyler. His life forever changed when he first played Portal 2 at the age of 14 and from that moment on he would forever be in love with Valve and whatever they make, regardless of quality. After all, he possesses no relevant skills or interests to work in the games industry to someday live his teenage dream of working at Valve. So he decided to do what any obsessed Ohio white boy does with their free time and consumerist worldview, and became a stalker.


(Tyler's mantra when it comes to Valve)

Unlike any journalist who gives a damn about integrity, Tyler is very candid about his fanboyism for who he devotes "reporting" on. He made a separate YouTube channel for reporting on Nintendo, but just comparing which one gets more attention its fair to say how much of a boner he really has for Valve compared to anyone else. After all he plays Valve's games religiously, even printed out his own cards to play Artifact before its original launch and had the balls to say the game was fun. And we all know the real truth behind that one. He was also in the first wave of purchases for the $1,000+tax Valve Index full kit.

You see, Tyler has this gross consumerism involving Valve. In his mind any and all videogames; any and all products, are inferior to whatever Valve makes. A great example is those 20 something females being obsessive with Disney and Disney World.

Its necessary to note throughout the years from 2012 to the present, Tyler has regressed further into the levels of the developing human that make one become a jackass for life. For a number of years he has claimed to have "inside sources" who work at Valve, giving him epic secrets and telling him all the cool and exciting things going on. He then uses this acquired information to lead his viewers and fans on to wait on the edge of their seat for his next video. In typical fashion this involves him bringing up talking points then vaguely mentioning he might know more, almost always with a heaping load of speculation and misinformation.


(pictured above: a scam artist making bank on dota2 strings, epic secret knowledge and leading his viewers to see what that 5% left really could be)

This business strategy of scamming his viewers is so lucrative for him that he has a Patreon, and with some tidbits will exclusively mention them only on his Twitch streams, which also make him a fair amount of cash.

So if you REALLY wanna know what's going on with Left 4 Dead 3 and Half-Life 3, you're gonna have to subscribe to his Youtube, follow his Twitch, donate money to his Patreon and follow his Discord. All that for an Ohio white boy to read dota2 strings to you while he recycles barely relevant gameplay footage.

He's also hunted down and follows every single person who has a Twitter account that works at Valve, including digging out their often barely affiliated contractors and partners. He's on Twitter every single day, always retweeting whatever Valve related news there is and Tweets from their employees, contractors and partners no matter how irrelevant to actual news it is. This leads to his community finding these people and following them and harassing them among other things.

(Imagine an employer paying a living wage googling your name to find this shit)

The Community

I think its fair to say that when a creator develops a dedicated community and involves Discord, that community becomes a reflection of the creator. Tyler has an online presence that's very well known within the Half-Life community, and boy does he have himself a cult of personality. Because of his obsessive involvement with making videos, hunting down information, and claiming to have "inside sources" who work at Valve, he's unceremoniously become the face for the Half-Life community. At some point along the way, he became closer with the moderators of the /r/Halflife subreddit and their Discord, Jaycie / Valve Archive , Lever Softworks and has already hooked himself to the Half-Life: Alyx Modding community.

(Adam Foster: someone with real talent who earned an exciting career)

The Half-Life modding scene is very unique for a variety of reasons. Games such as Team Fortress 2, Counter-Strike, Insurgency, The Stanley Parable, Black Mesa, Garry's Mod all started as Half-Life mods. Adam Foster created a Half-Life 2 mod called Minerva, which wound up earning him a job at Valve. Many mod creators compete with each other in the hopes that they can one day find themselves a job in games, maybe even at Valve. Now adding Tyler's clout as the face of the community, people in this scene are also working to make content that he can showcase, which maybe Valve will notice. I mean he does talk to real Valve employees after all, right?

Tyler McvVicker's a mix between a leech and a fat cancerous tumor to the Half-Life modding scene, openly talking shit or finding game breaking aspects that make whatever he's playing look like shit. Take for example when he played Overrun, the first adventure map for Half-Life: Alyx.

He found a way to exploit the level by climbing on objects and running through everything. Now sure, the map was probably pretty broken considering all that comes with creating content for Half-Life: Alyx that early in its modding scene. But was it really necessary to exploit the level in what is supposed to be a showcase for a wider audience to see?

Which might be worth comparing to 2kliksphilip.

Its also important to mention Tyler does not take kindly to criticism. And his fans are everywhere in the Valve gaming communities. Because of his clout, he gets inappropriately involved in higher positions in these communities and has even openly made blackballing threats against people spoiling Half-Life: Alyx like he's some sort of powertripping illuminati ringleader

Real Journalism

Tyler's a stalker and his fans are creepy. Up until the writer of Half-Life 1 and 2 mentioned how much Tyler's community was making him suffer, going as far as leaving poor Amazon reviews for his books because of a lack of Half-Life 3, Tyler would always mention names of Valve employees in his videos. Because of his mentioning of names, normal people trying to live private lives who happen to work in the games industry wound up becoming celebrities, getting doxxed and threatened. As was mentioned earlier, Tyler's community is a reflection of him and there's no denying that.
This is a great example showing just how poor Tyler's self awareness is. It never occurred to him that he's that annoying 20 something who's constantly and obsessively emailing people working their job, then sharing those names to a bunch of children who made the Half-Life 3 meme a part of their identity and lifestyle.

On YouTube he delivers his speech eloquently, even when making passive aggressive jabs at anyone who takes what he said and published it as their own on some gaming news site. On Twitch and Discord however, the curtain is peeled back to find the real childish jackass behind the scenes, and his fans are very much in that category.

In fact, its more than likely because of him and his community the Half-Life community suffered a split in the past few years. The old guard has for the most part fell to the wayside (RIP RTSL / Lambda Generation) while the children who follow Tyler pollute these communities with their toxic memes, doxxing as a hobby tendencies, and an enabling cycle that's ensued between these children being present, their worship of Tyler, and Tyler's involvement with them. And because he's the cool guy who knows people that work at the company that makes the games they like, he gets a free pass.

They also kiss his ass more than ever after his datamining paid off after all those years

This also applies with actual game developers. He got in the graces of Stress Level Zero, a small indie VR studio responsible for Boneworks, and was given a copy of the game from them. This is a good example of how Tyler spews misinformation, as he claimed "BONEWORKS is a Secret Half-Life Game".

Tyler even mentioned Half-Life: Alyx didn't appear at the 2019 Game Awards as originally announced because Valve decided to add continuous locomotion after seeing how cool Boneworks made it look. Valve addressed both of these talking points and proved Tyler was lying.


In addition to his minformation campaign for Boneworks, Tyler played the game on Twitch the moment it launched and made the game look like shit. He even made Half-Life: Alyx look bad.

[Spoilers for Half-Life: Alyx]

Tyler McVicker has gotten the majority of his news wrong as it's almost always misinformation. As mentioned earlier in the thread, his biggest claim to fame was unearthing Half-Life: Alyx years before it was announced. All Tyler really did was datamine dota2 updates and found strings that mentioned hlvr and continued doing this for years with the help of his community.

Becoming a Liability

Aside from having their employees get doxxed and harassed by his community, Valve suffered another blow from McVicker's existence and he played a role in fucking with the news of Half-Life: Alyx's announcement. The Sunday before the official announcement, an anonymous source came into the VNN Discord and leaked a transcript between Geoff Keighley and the Half-Life: Alyx team. TLDR; it was legit, and this same person spread the news to various different outlets.

Because of the ineptitude and irresponsibility that's commonplace in the VNN Discord, this anonymous poster got to share this news without suffering any ramifications for longer than they should've and everyone in the community. Eventually Tyler privately spoke to them, then just makes an announcement saying "Its real" which lead to his community losing their shit. Since nobody in that discord, including Tyler, understands the Streisand Effect, his staff just up and removed every post relating to the incident which only made it more popular to talk about. The same anonymous source wound up sharing the news with The Quartering and other youtube personalities, and due to their shit talk for the concept of a VR exclusive Half-Life title, Valve had to step in to control the narrative and announce the game earlier than scheduled.


For the majority of McVicker's career he has spread misinformation and represented himself irresponsibly. As you can see earlier in this post, just googling his name makes him look like an unemployable dumbass. McVicker got lucky plain and simple that he acquired legitimate leaks, which he distributed. Maybe there's a schizoid contractor who doesn't give a fuck, much like the strange motives of the anon who had the Geoff Keighley transcript. Who the fuck knows.

With this in mind, McVicker got heat again from Valve after acquiring a dev build of Half-Life: Alyx and livestreaming it like a fucking idiot. This lead to Valve dmca'ng Tyler and we're left with this shitty reupload vod.

Triage at Dumbass

[10/25/2016 11:27:26 PM] Cephalon Cephalon: there are a number of reasons why I won't do voice chats, sorry. I can't give you anything that would be serious evidence against me, if valve finds out
[10/25/2016 11:27:37 PM] Tyler McVicker: Okay
[10/25/2016 11:27:41 PM] Tyler McVicker: Are you Gabe?
[10/25/2016 11:27:52 PM] Tyler McVicker: Do you have a voice I would be able to pick out very quickly?
[10/25/2016 11:27:55 PM] Tyler McVicker: Lol
[10/25/2016 11:28:10 PM] Cephalon Cephalon: for example, what if I'm a woman? not saying I am, just, If I am, that's 3/4 of the company already gone as possible suspects
[10/25/2016 11:28:12 PM] Tyler McVicker: I understand, I'm just messing
[10/25/2016 11:28:18 PM] Tyler McVicker: I was thinking the same thing
[10/25/2016 11:28:28 PM] Tyler McVicker: I don't know!
[10/25/2016 11:28:30 PM] Tyler McVicker: Lol
[10/25/2016 11:28:36 PM] Tyler McVicker: If you are a woman, hello!

In the latter half of April 2020, McVicker and his team Lever Softworks got heat for a disgruntled member of their Discord leaking the source code for an old build of Team Fortress 2. This is where we need to talk about Lever Softworks.

Lever is kind of like the rogue's gallery of the Half-Life community. Also where we get to finally talk about Jaycie.

I think that paints a pretty good picture of exactly what Jaycie is. And that's an asshole attention whore drama queen autist who runs the Valve Archive. And they're trans.
Its important to note that Jaycie's being trans has nothing to do with them being an intolerable piece of shit. They already were one when they were Jackathan. Yep, another person who changes their online alias and spends far too much time sitting at their computer in their bedroom. Another person misrepresenting that community and movement.



Then there's this fucking guy who was the one that's responsible for leaking the source code.


At some point Tyler gathered up these fools and they got them to get to work on recreating old Valve shit such as the Xbox exclusive levels for Portal: Still Alive and cut content from Half-Life 2: Episode 3. And recreating F-Stop from the ground up.


F-Stop was a prototype game experiment where the core concept uses the perspective bending as seen in this video:

But what makes this shitshow get better is that none of these people have experience making videogames. And what they have brought to fruition is nothing short of mediocre with just the most basic knowledge of the Hammer editor.




As you can imagine, having such popular individuals congregate and release such poor content should be a crying shame given the history of the Half-Life community. But the community now eats this shit up thanks to the ass kissing Tyler's fans give and destructive qualities Tyler and his gang have.

Somewhere along the line in late 2016, McVicker spoke to an anonymous source, probably some schizoid contractor from Valve, and you can read the entire chatlog between the two here. Its the best shit you'll read in this whole OP, guaranteed. You also get a fabulous taste of the type of trolling insiders will do with Tyler, and how he talks to and verifies his sources.

What this chat lead to was Tyler and his autistic sinister six acquiring source code from TF2/CSGO.

Also with this chatlog being public, it narrows down who this individual could possibly be, which further demonstrates Tyler sucks at being a journalist, and will never have a career in this field.


In-fighting occurred in the group for a variety of reasons which comes at no surprise considering Tyler rallied together a bunch of childish jackasses with issues, and likes to kiss Jaycie's ass. Despite every possible red flag being present for a group project, Tyler illegally shared the stolen source code with his teammates.

And what wound up occurring in April 2020 is one of the members got in a spat with Jaycie, which comes as no surprise since they effectively prove to be a sped by their mere online existence, and decided to just leak whatever they could along with the source code.

Once again this lead to Valve having to go out of their way to damage control and make sure McVicker and his existence didn't cause them any mass damage.



However, McVicker definitely broke the law and could potentially get fucked by the legal system.

Final Remarks

Tyler McVicker isn't a journalist. No matter how many years he spent in college putting himself in the hole for the paper that says he is , he's always going to be the megalomaniac jackass with a destructive personality who has a hardon for Valve. He gets hundreds of thousands of views, lives comfortably off of Patreon and Twitch bux, misleads his viewers, and plays a destructive role in the communities he's involved in.

He's turned the "My uncle works at Nintendo" trope into a career path.

Much like SammyClassicSonicFan, its hard not to observe the cringe/charm to the origins of Tyler McVicker's content. Tyler got some well known heat for his "Why Half-Life 3 will be announced at E3 2013" video. Obviously this never happened, but this was mostly dismissed as just a passionate kid who really likes a videogames company and its easy to just dismiss it as that. While he was really hopeful and tried really hard on his little video, was inevitably wrong. The key difference between Sammy and Tyler is that Sammy moved past his cringey 14 year old YouTube kid on the internet phase. Tyler on the otherhand is a stupid jackass and decided to make this volatile gig his career, and will never work in actual games journalism or for Valve.

In truth, the only reason Tyler McVicker rose to fame and popularity in the circles he's in is because he played a communication role during a time where Valve was not. He continues to make poor decisions, misleads his viewers while collecting their money, causes drift within the communities and makes himself look like a clown on Twitch. He associates himself with idiots, children and drama queens. Then gets mad when journalists take his stories and run with them, which hilariously happens more often than necessary. And when he's wrong, he lacks professional accountability.

As someone we all know once said: "The right man in the wrong place can make all the difference in the world"


VNN Twitter (Archive)
His girlfriend's Twitter (Archive)
Reddit (Archive)
Twitch (Archive)
Youtube (Archive)
Steam (Archive)
VNN Discord
Half-Life Discord
Patreon (Archive)
Facebook (Archive)
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Good start so far. Several things I'd suggest:
  • Make sure to link + archive all of his accounts. Have them at the bottom/end of the OP.
  • Remove the duplicate image of him from the attachments.
  • While not entirely necessary, try and include a few more screenshots or visuals if possible. More examples like Valve addressing his statements make for good supplemental material.
  • Include archives for the links provided.

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"2. You do not archive.
Every link, every link, needs to be archived. "

Besides that, it's a pretty good start.

Keep working on it.


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Good thread. My only piece of advice would be to expand on the TF2 leak drama. You are forgetting some of the juiciest bits of information. Like how the guy that leaked the build only leaked it because he was permanently exiled from the Leverworks community for calling a disgusting troon a dude.


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Good thread. My only piece of advice would be to expand on the TF2 leak drama. You are forgetting some of the juiciest bits of information. Like how the guy that leaked the build only leaked it because he was permanently exiled from the Leverworks community for calling a disgusting troon a dude.View attachment 1268345
It's worth noting that even two weeks after this event we've still got no confirmation this "Maxx" guy even exists except some ancient abandoned blockland profile that could be anybody.
"Racism, Sexism and Transphobia" is the "Dog ate my homework" of the modern age and when that didn't work they all went with the "remote code execution" line to muddy the waters but maybe I could vaguely believe Jackathan if he didn't himself have skeletons in his closet.


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He more more reminds of a similar "fandom" cow we have on the forum. The guy is a deaf Canadian AmerIndi (feather not dot), who wormed his way to be in charge of some specific anime. He wanted to have complete or near complete control overall all information in the community. That way he can control and monetize the flow of information, have clout, and self importance. I feel like Tyler is in a similar (albeit admittedly less aggressive) position.

"I cannot remember the weeb's name for the life of me."
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