U.S. Riots of May 2020 over George Floyd and others - ITT: a bunch of faggots butthurt about worthless internet stickers


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They REALLY need to start electrifying the fencing. Around monuments, and everywher else. It's dead simple and cheap. I cannot be the only one who's thought of this. It's a nobrainer. All it would have taken was a simple generator to have kept these animals from burning precincts.... smh
Portland mayor would have ordered such a fence shut off

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Fox cut Gingrich off when he mentioned Soros and the DAs and interfering with elections. So here's Fox pointing out that Soros funded BLM and Hillary Clinton.

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For context. Newt mentioned Soros bought a bunch of DAs -- DAs that are currently letting the rioters riot every fucking night + trying to fuck over the people defending their homes. Big thread talking about just how many DAs Soros bought this last cycle. Buying low level positions like this is cheap, and a HUGE benefit for Soros, so expect this bullshit to continue forever.
Is there a reason more people don't do this? Or didn't do it in the past? Basically my question is why is Soros known for this when you don't hear about anyone else specifically doing the same thing now or even in recent American history?
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This story still reads as suspicious. You don't call the police on an out of control child if they aren't a danger to someone. You get a family member or a neighbor you are close to. You actually parent the brat.


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Portland Protesters Say Their Lives Were Upended by the Posting of Their Mug Shots on a Conservative Twitter Account
https://www.wweek.com/news/2020/09/...-mug-shots-on-a-conservative-twitter-account/ (https://archive.vn/CRaop)

On Aug. 7, Black activist Ragina Gray was tackled by Portland police at a protest and charged with disorderly conduct, resisting arrest, and interfering with an officer.

"Gray, 30, is charged with interfering with an officer, resisting arrest and more," Ngo wrote on Twitter. "She was arrested at the violent antifa protest in Portland and quickly bailed out. Gray is frequently photographed with kids at protests and rants about white terrorism." The photo was retweeted by 475 people.

Twelve nights later, on Aug. 19, a man showed up on the doorstep of Gray's mother's eastside home. "He was sweaty and nervous looking, and he asked for Ragina by name," says Lucinda Fisher, Gray's mom. "He mentioned [Gray's] son, and I noticed he had a gun in his hand." Fisher slammed the door and called the police.

"They're scared that someone's going to kill me," Gray says. "My first instinct is to say, 'No, that's not going to happen.' But there's a huge risk."

Ngo's prominence has been catapulted by Portland's protests. He is editor-at-large at a Canadian conservative website called The Post Millennial and is also a regular guest on Fox News. Last year, he was assaulted at a Portland anti-fascist march, where masked assailants punched and kicked him in the head.

But Gray believes Ngo and his followers are watching her. And she is not the only one. WW has spoken with two others who have been arrested at Portland protests and had their names and mug shots tweeted by Ngo, and claim their lives have since been disrupted.

"We've been lying low, and to be honest, we've been staying at home with the blinds closed," says Phillip Wenzel, whose mug shot was shared by Ngo on Aug. 15. "I can get over Twitter trolls, but what gives me the most pause is the 1% of them that have genuine threats."

But what Ngo is doing is legal. The mug shots are public records. The arrests happened. And Ngo told WW that it is his "duty" to report on protesters who have been arrested, "given the risk that violence and riots present to the public."

They donned their protest outfits: full gas respirators, masks, bike helmets, and a bulletproof vest for Philip, who had been in the front of protests as part of the drum line. Erin, a medic toting a first aid kit, usually settled in a few rows behind the line of drummers.

That night, Phillip was arrested when the two of them were sandwiched between two lines of officers during a smoke-filled, chaotic confrontation captured on video that shows several protesters cowering under yellow shields as cops push them to the ground.

A video of Wenzel's interaction with police shows him shielding his face on the ground as a half-dozen cops tackle him. He was arrested, charged with assaulting a police officer, resisting arrest, interfering with police, and disorderly conduct, and released the next day.

Ngo also posted a biography of Wenzel from the law firm where he works as a paralegal. In Twitter responses on the thread, users added threatening comments and more personal information about the Wenzels, including the names and ages of members of his extended family.

One comment read, "I'm writing a letter to his employer right now." Another wrote, "Divorce and custody court paralegal scumbag who isn't even smart enough to be an attorney. Lol."

The Wenzels alerted their employers. On Aug. 18, three days after Ngo posted the mug shot, Phillip Wenzel's boss at Elizabeth Christy Law Firm sent him a letter that the firm had received 50 threatening or harassing communications since his arrest.

"Because you have chosen to engage in activism that has resulted in violence, physical injuries, and negative publicity for [the law firm], there is now a major distraction from the business we are doing, a threat to my ability to gain new business, and a threat to our employees' safety," Christy wrote in an email provided to WW.

Three employees, after learning of the firm's response to Wenzel's arrest, announced their resignation in support of him on Sept. 10, in a letter shared with WW. The firm told Wenzel in a Sept. 11 letter that he would be laid off effective Sept. 16, citing a loss of work leading to a reduction in staff. Elizabeth Christy, managing attorney at the firm, told WW in an email that the layoff had nothing to do with Wenzel's protesting.

April Epperson, who works at a Northeast Portland public school, is another protester who was arrested for disorderly conduct and interfering with a peace officer on Aug. 24 and was greeted that same day by a Ngo tweet sharing her mug shot and Facebook profile picture with part of the caption reading, "Like others recently arrest[ed], she works with children at an elementary school." Several commenters on the subsequent Twitter thread shared the name of the school.

On Aug. 29, an email arrived in her school inbox: Attached were her Facebook profile photo and a picture of a toad in a dress with a caption reading, "So fucking badass with your face covered? We can't wait to come to your employer and do the exact same fucking thing you do to cops!"

Epperson alerted the school about the email. That weekend, the school canceled a laptop distribution event scheduled the following Monday, Aug. 31. A school text blast sent to families read, "We are pausing [device distribution] for tomorrow. We will resume as soon as possible and alert you when that is. As a reminder, school grounds, including the playground, are closed."

Although the school did not explain its decision, Epperson believes the laptop distribution was postponed because of threats. (Portland Public Schools didn't respond to WW's request for comment.) Still, the messages continued. "The school started getting a bunch of phone calls and emails," Epperson says. "People emailed [some staff members] my mug shot and told them I was arrested."

One email, sent Sept. 1 from a secure email address using the name "Jennifer Hartless" and shared with WW, includes a screenshot of Ngo's tweet of Epperson's mug shot. The photo is captioned, "This type of behavior seems a little unbecoming for a school teacher. Are standards any higher than this?"

"There's some legitimacy to a claim of informing the public. But we have a pattern with this individual that his interest is in provoking violent reactions and doxxing," says Gleason. "It's a particular subset of conservative Twitter, and he knows that's who he's talking to."

"If you feel that transparency and public right to know should be outweighed by arrestee rights to privacy, this is a complaint for the Legislature, not for journalists reporting in compliance with state and federal law," he said. "A better question would be, 'Why do some journalists feel compelled to hide the identities of suspected criminals from the public?' Another would be, 'Whose interests does the suppression of criminal arrest data serve?'"

Ragina Gray continues to attend protests, despite threatening messages she receives on Instagram and Twitter. She says she deletes them as soon as she gets them, but says "people are calling me a terrorist, calling me a n—–." And the messengers, she says, are "Mostly white men. All white men."

https://twitter.com/MrAndyNgo/status/1306384956822704130 (https://archive.vn/OmB0D)

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I'm going to be marked dumb and shit but I'm all for seeing how deescalation tactics work. I'm not going to laugh at this. It's a similar idea to what's used when someone is on a rooftop trying to commit suicide, or even someone holding a hostage. I've been supportive of this a long time, not using deescalation exclusively but when the situation warrants it. Not the same situation as in this news article, but we've all seen cops act like douchebags trying to get a rise out of someone so they can arrest them or something. One of my main complaints about American policing is how much cops willingly escalate shit.

If someone is in a rage it's best to try to talk them down first, but not at the expensive of the safety of the cops or people around, of course. We DO need improvements to American policing, vast ones, and it's not "defunding the police."

A question nobody is asking regarding the Floyd death--let's presume kneeling on him did kill him. We all accuse the police officer, but he's an employee doing his job. We don't know how he was TRAINED. He very well may have been trained in that way. But the cities are not going to stand up for cops in this way because it's easier, less costly, and has less political ramifications for mayors and elected officials to blame the individual and not how they're running things.


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If he's a baby handle him yourself instead of calling the cops because you cant handle him and he's threatening violence, dumbass.


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To mention something that was mentioned earlier on in the thread, based on the DHS putting out those reports on EMP readiness. An electromagnetic pulse can also be emitted from the sun, there was actually a lot of speculation in the early 2010's about the possibility of an EMP from a solar flare that could potentially wipe out the power grid in the continental United States with in the next decade or so. Solar flares are actually a remarkably insane threat to our grid and there are many ways that with modern electronics we can retrofit the grid to sustain that level of damage. Seeing the activity on the sun currently is at a solar minimum, and the crop cycles are actually fucked up right now tells you the impact that the sun can have on the planet. Now whether or not there is a flare anytime soon is really only a matter of readiness, and seeing the abysmal response to the China-Virus, I am not optimistic for that scenario.

I don't think it would be in China's best interest to initiate that scale of a conflict, just generally because they would be glass in the matter of a couple of hours. The fantastical notion of, "what if they use a nuke?" Is a bit ridiculous to any sane individual, in this generation of warfare it's more of the form that we have been seeing being engaged between nations by proxy. So it doesn't make it fairly difficult to believe that the CCP is funneling money into BLM, especially because of all of the bad press they where getting over Hong Kong, before the Fetynal Floyd Protests broke out.

In regards to the White House demonstrations that are going to start today, I think that today is only the beginning of what they are gearing for before the election. I think this is there way of beginning to shift the narrative to what their goal was since the very beginning of the "peaceful protests," which is getting the evil orange man out power. This is probably a play to try to get Trump to call the Insurrection Act before the election to shift the polls more in Biden's favor, considering that the Orange Man has had a considerable lead over the last month since Biden's various blunders. I am thinking that it is probably going to mirror what we seen back in June when they tried it the first time, instead they are going to encamp themselves again. I don't think it's a nothing burger necessarily, whether or not they last 50 days is going to be a testament in itself. They barely could hold the autonomous zone after a couple weeks of that LARP, and they could barely could keep ground in DC last time.

If in their DOSA's they are discussing the tactical deployment of LRAD's, I think that they would be better off to start deploying ultra-sonic weapons before deploying that type of device. Just for the reason of the noise is a fucking excellent deterrent and has been proven to work against these type of unhinged assholes. I think the optics at this point would still look pretty bad if the law enforcement began utilizing LRAD's at this stage in the game. If we get to the point of the Insurrection Act getting called, then perhaps we might see the toys starting to get broken out.

Aside from some of my assessments of the current discussions and happenings, the most bizzare thing happened yesterday. This will be refereeing to the controversial element that the media ignores of black on white racism, which I think is important to point out in this stage of the thread. Yesterday, my Mom went out for a walk in the neighborhood after seeing some of my relatives, and ended up having an very unpleasant confrontation between two joggers on their bicycles. None of the people outside helped her out and didn't believe that she was getting harassed by these two fuckers. They gave the whole fuck whitey sentiment as well. Luckily a clerk at the store managed to help her out, but they where threatening her with physical harm. The cops managed to say they'll keep an eye out, but nothing more happened. I almost ended up going for a bit of a cruise with my baseball bat to go gorilla knocking. To be honest, I am pretty fucking angry at the entitlement of these people, and I am even more angry at the flames getting stoked by fucking retarded normies.

I dealt with a lot of the racism living in Metro-Detroit, and there are a lot of racist blacks out there. This is how come when people give me the business about using the word nigger, not only that I tell them some stories of what I experienced, but also the context of how I use that term. It is not that I am prejudiced against blacks, not all blacks are like that, only the under-educated, thug life type of fuckers. Whites are a lot like that too, we have our own niggers, they tend to live in the same type of squalor, and are all methed out. That term can be applied to any race, I don't think there really is a better term to use, because nigger holds a lot of weight in that context of what could be considered as sub-human scum. The fact that black culture hijacked that term to embrace that mentality, shows the social conditioning of their victim complex.

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Honestly, all the secret service has to do is load up a bunch of water guns with lemon juice. With the diseases batshit liberal women carry in their twats, they won't last 2 minutes.
At ICP concerts they use to spray Faygo into the crowd but then they switched to Diet Faygo after years of Juggalos bitching about itchiness in the crotch area after ICP concerts.