U.S. Riots of May 2020 over George Floyd and others - ITT: a bunch of faggots butthurt about worthless internet stickers

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Mar 18, 2020
1. Best example of pure breed would be a wolf and they have no/little health problems.
2. Many pure breed dogs have no/little health problems. Very few labs with health problems. Now yes German Shepard have a lot of health problems because of the inbreeding but that's the exception not the rule.
3. Most mutts are pure shit. Go to your local dog shelter. They are timid and their bodies aren't good. total hassle. Only the pure breeds can do their task (hunting, guarding, running, etc.) Same applies to horses. If mutts were great, horse breeding wouldn't exist.
4. Look at golden-doodles. Very popular breed right now. Hard to get good goldendoodles that are F2 hybrids. most good ones are F1 because it's hard to homogenize the gnome.
5. Without barriers to stop breeding, animals cannot diverge into different species. Breeds/Ethnicies are the 1st step in speciation. DNA wants to diverge, wants to experiment, try different combos. evolve into different species.
You've been sperging for two days now, don't forget to relax and enjoy the shit show.

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Nov 3, 2018
It's almost uncanny, really. Middle of last week I was getting nostalgic and thinking about reading Nightfall again, which climaxes with all of civilization burning down during a night of madness and panic, and here's a fresh hellscape of overnight burning and destruction every morning. And to think a month ago I figured the Rona was going to be the hot topic for the entire year.

Hope they burn down Twitter next, I'm tired of social media in general, but that site in particular is a blight on society.


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Jul 18, 2017

Little late in replying, but if anyone is wondering what the newspaper said in response to this here is some snippets:

Second, in the subject line, I said something to the effect of “They burned our office,” which several folks correctly pointed out was, at a minimum, sloppy language on my part. The they was supposed to refer to the looters and/or vandals, not the protesters; if it’s any excuse, it was a long night.

On Saturday night, what started out as a peaceful demonstration of thousands protesting the death of George Floyd and police brutality more generally turned chaotic: Police blasting tear gas, looters and vandals busting out windows and setting fire to things. The INDY’s Raleigh office was completely destroyed. Lots of protesters say the Raleigh police escalated and fired tear gas into an otherwise peaceful crowd, and there seems to be evidence to back them up.

Nothing mentioning how every single business on the main street in Downtown Raleigh being destroyed. No reports on the violent riots in Fayetteville, Charlotte, or Greensboro but made sure to mention that Durham was peaceful. And the reason nothing happened in Durham is because the cops said "fuck it" and stayed in their cars and blocked traffic.

Oh and they suddenly stopped reporting on COVID! When they used to post constantly about it and have daily newsletters saying "Here's what to think". 🤔
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Aug 13, 2016
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Apparently, small businesses are part of the elite class as well. Also, these commies don’t realize that having that property is their lives. If more businesses burn down, it means no food on the table and poverty. These spoiled tards deserve to get shot for the trouble they cause.
How dare those bourgeois pieces of shit work for a living? Be a proletariat and have everything delivered to you by the biggest corporations in the country while you tweet about how evil capitalism is on your iPad Pro.


Feb 21, 2020
So folks, on a scale from Mother Teresa to Heinrich Himmler, how much more unironically racist have YOU become in the course of these events?

Not so much more racist but more confirmed in my belief of the low iq, no thinking npc masses make up a larger percentage of the black community. Though that mental demographic is not exclusive to the black community.

I know black people can do better, just that the combination of broken families by institutions with the ghetto mentality fostered by the glorification of it in the media and then cuddled by the equally npc mentality of the white savior progressive has a far greater hold on them then i realized.

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Apr 30, 2020
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Jan 22, 2018

Julia Marcus is using something called SPECTRUM OF ALLIES ANALYSIS up there.

Have some commie sites explaining it:

Basically, you detect where someone is on a spectrum.
  • Active Opponent
  • Passive Opponent
  • Neutral
  • Passive Ally
  • Active Ally
The goal is to move people 1 step towards Active Ally. If they're an active opponent, silence them so they're merely a passive one. If they're a passive opponent, demoralize them into giving up. If they're neutral, guilt them into supporting you "in theory." If they're a passive ally, radicalize them or guilt them into openly supporting you.

(Edit: Of course, you do the EXACT OPPOSITE towards your opponents's supporters. You want to drive them away from being active allies to silent allies, from silent allies to giving up, from giving up to opposing them, etc etc.)

David Hines has a great article here talking about how they're using it against the NRA to destroy them before our very eyes.

She is literally using Communist organization tactics against people to push them towards white guilt and cucking towards the wogs.

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She actually appears to actually have a solid career in research. Can't find her CV, but I'm not seeing a shitload of marxist crap associated with her. She is, of course, a Berkeley grad.
That nose.



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May 21, 2020
Eventually, you're going to dip into the same pool, and its intentionally not promoting adaptation and mutation. Again in Nature that is not standard practice. But thats not really what this thread should be about and this is all derailing, so how about back to observing trash fires.

Watch the trash fire don't be it.
Racemixing isn't good for the children's health, not only they tend to have mental issues because they're unable to properly socialise and tend to be bullied (and rightfully so), but their health tends to be shit in all of itself.
Do you know that crossbreeds tend to have a shitty health? Right? Just like ligers and mules.


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Jan 22, 2020
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