U.S. Riots of May 2020 over George Floyd and others - ITT: a bunch of faggots butthurt about worthless internet stickers

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Dec 21, 2018

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Nov 10, 2019
So folks, on a scale from Mother Teresa to Heinrich Himmler, how much more unironically racist have YOU become in the course of these events?

I didnt think I could get more racist but not I'm to the point of pogroms and ethnic cleansing.
Someone is salty when it comes to doing the right thing heh ?

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Where's the lie tho? You crush antifa like the state did Cville nazeeees


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Dec 17, 2019
I hope they have a free ticket to prison for breaching the White House garden and putting the St John Church on fire.
(((they))) will get off. Its going to be like the bundy ranch; its 99% government agents with a security clearance.
Santa Monica has a 1pm curfew in business districts and 4 pm everywhere today,

The real, legal lockdowns have begun in Cali. Thanks Gov Gruesome for ushering in the New World Order.
curfews are like drug laws no one fucking follows them especially in California.


May 9, 2019
Don't blacks also get the most abortions?
How the fuck do they get the most abortions yet still have the highest rates of single motherhood?

Gov' benefits and grants.

In the UK, we had a rise in teenage pregnancy in the early 2000's. Mostly done to abuse the system. Here, you'll get: Housing (via your local council, although you maybe relocated to another borough) and various other benefits, like tax and housing cuts. Most notable however is the children benefits, which last until they are around 16/18. Somewhere around that line. It was a big issue as these girls would pop kids out every 4/5 years, to ensure that the benefits continued on and on. System was changed a few years back, limiting it to only so many kids.


Nov 2, 2018
isn't there a race mixing discussion thread somewhere to contain this sperging? it's only tangentially related to the riots and seems like it belongs in DT.

Yeah, its the same like 4 exceptionals and its shitting the thread up, and they really, REALLY want people to respond to it. But really all that back and fourth should be gutted out because its hard enough to keep track of whats going on about the Riots in the thread.

I just want all them good clips and on the ground coverage, because its relatively hard to get it accurately living beyond Burgerländ.

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Mar 30, 2020
Hold up, did they just stole footage from the movie and presented it as evidence?

And is that Brian Williams who was previously ousted from the media for lying about taking fire overseas?

Holy shit.

MSNBC is completely off the rails.

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May 25, 2020
I"m not here for the shitshow. I want to go IRL on a white nationalist platform. This event has forced the normies into race politics and it's accelerating the collapse of America. My goal here is to test my skill, improve my talking points, make sure I don't get cucked IRL and I can handle any situation.

Accelerating America´s collapse? Check the markets, it´s business as usual, barely a bleep. This shit is by design... I think the America you are talking about here is long gone
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