U.S. Riots of May 2020 over George Floyd - ITT: a bunch of faggots butthurt about worthless internet stickers

Canadian corporation who doesn't listen to consumers said #BLM!!

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I don't know why Trump thinks these shitheads are gonna crack and come crawling back to him for help. He should've known that these lunatic cucks don't do that. They double, triple, quadruple, and quintuple down on their bullshit, and will never admit that they fucked up. They've been doing this for his entire presidency and for literally an entire decade.

Just send in the tanks already.
At this rate, him sending out the National Guard is justified. These governors and mayors have failed their people and it's really showing with these riots and with Covid-19. This chaos seem to get worse by the day and there are people that are shocked when the National Guard is called? Fuck off.

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Fuck muties and fuck ghouls
>officer already lost his job and was arrested
>BLM and Antifa still use it as an excuse to riot
>lives and businesses destroyed
>people getting dogpiled in the streets
>BLM and Antifa still coordinating more violence, destruction, and cyber warfare on twatter
>every other tweet is "do this or else"

These groups are literal terrorists. It blows me away how people and companies are still siding with these idiots.


The Legal Rights Center and the American Civil Liberties Union of Minnesota have grave concerns about the legal sufficiency of the criminal complaint charging former Minneapolis Police Officer Derek Chauvin with Third Degree Murder in the death of George Floyd. The charging of Third Degree Murder instead of First or Second Degree Murder may prove to be legally defective and allow Chauvin to evade the punishment warranted for his actions.

apparently it was fentanyl not crack. Woah was I ever off. He's a H junkie not a crackhead...
They also found signs of recent meth use.

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The USA isn't the only Western country which has black people, and they have had equal rights in Europe for longer than they have had in America. If it was purely a matter of race, how is it that just about every other Western country manages to do without urban war zones in their inner cities? Why is it only the United States which has such an epidemic of unarmed civilians being killed by authorities under such horrendous circumstances? I think you should consider the possibility that these two questions might have a common answer, and that the problem ultimately lies with America's prevailing attitude towards crime (on both the criminal side, and the law enforcement side).
I'm not saying black people in America can never ever be integrated (although I don't think they will ever be "the same"), but you need to keep in mind that minorities in Europe aside from recently with the migrants (and we all see how that's going) are in significantly smaller numbers which forces them to integrate. Similarly, the people who could make it to Europe prior to the migrants were all in the top echelon of their home countries.


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So realistically will actual boycotts against big corporations that are supporting the riots and ruining of small businesses, because of "muh racism, its for the greater good" finally happen? Sony isn't the only one who sells electronics, jk rowling isn't the only author out there. The common people are tired of pretending to be oblivious of the left wing bias and have had enough time to experience it first-hand.

As for Japan, its only animu dubbers stationed in amerifat saying shit like "japan and anime supports #blm" when none of them bothered to interview actual japanese residents/creators. And after the Pokemon fanart controversy, a lot of them were left with a sour taste towards the "politically correct yakuza" and are even avoiding outside cultures all together because its tiresome to deal with psychos who can't self-reflect.
Not to get off topic, but Pokemon fanart controversy?


Trump is a Nazi dictator killing peaceful protestors. I want these people to jump into the riots and see how peaceful they are.
The best thing the real protesters who are not being exceptional is to eject the antifa fuck heads. I have seen a lot instances of this, so I hope they continue to keep this up. Which I expect because there is no way these people will go down for whitey.
A lot of Latinos are super conservative, surprisingly. People see AOC and Latinx spastics with Che Guevara shirts and assume anyone who speaks Spanish is a socialist, but fail to realize how staunch of Catholics people are in Latin America.
no one really likes niggers, that doesnt mean they wont partake in looting adidas or amir's liquor store

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Just as a side note, this antifaggot has text-to-speech messages enabled on his donations.
LOL, he got arrested on stream.


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That's fucked up, fentanyl is frecuently used by those junkies who are already "resistant" to more common opiods like codeine or heroin, however, sometimes it's also sold in a heavily diluted form and drug dealers tell their clients is just heroin, they do that because AFAIK fentanyl is easier and cheaper to supply than heroin.
This has apparently killed some people, since fentanyl is extremely potent and some drugdealers can have issues measuring how much they're adding.
Fentanyl also has a good chance to stop your heart if there are other opioids in your system. It wasn't used outside of palliative (end of life) care for cancer patients and other people in unimaginable pain. It wasn't until the last 5 years or so that it started getting out there in the "wild". Dealers will often times cut their opioids with fentanyl or carfentanyl (even stronger) to stretch their stuff, or just press it into pills and call it perks or oxys.

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I always wondered why the rich support the protests even going back to the Vietnam War? Do they know something that the rest of us don’t?
It’s fashionable. The rich and middle class can afford to take time off of work to protest and it makes them feel like they are doing something different in their monotonous lives for little effort.