U.S. Riots of May 2020 over George Floyd - ITT: a bunch of faggots butthurt about worthless internet stickers



Fentanyl depresses the brainstem, which controls breathing. This is how people die from fentanyl ODs, like Dolores O'Riordan of the Cranberries. Floyd may not have had a sufficient amount in his system to cause an OD, but he probably did have enough where the brainstem was affected. Add the pressure that Chauvin added to that area of the neck, and it was probably enough to send him into cardiac arrest because he stopped breathing. But would Chauvin know that Floyd had fentanyl in his system? Of course not. Floyd also had methamphetamine in his system, which in combination with the fentanyl and the physical stress of being restrained, could have caused a heart attack. Again, Chauvin would not know this. Add to this that the Minneapolis police force had authorized use of neck restraint as a tactic to subdue a non-compliant arrest, then Chauvin cannot be found guilty of even 3rd degree murder by an impartial jury. The most that he should get on this charge would be manslaughter -- and the video that shows Floyd resisting arrest will be another mitigating factor for Chauvin. This is devastating news for the prosecution. The official ruling of homicide will be destroyed by a competent defense attorney once the ME is on the witness stand.

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I'm starting to think I need to take a break not just from this thread but just from the news in general, I keep getting MATI and then just depressed reading and watching all of this bullshit.
The news was designed to be depressing anyways. I suggest chilling with something more wholesome or find some more optimistic news.


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Indianapolis live -https://www.pscp.tv/w/1MnxnQPYwokJO

Currently a bunch of idiots are on North Meridian Street taunting the cops.
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Interesting part is all the local electronics, footwear, and bling shops have been completely looted by now, so the niggers are satiated and are probably busy bangin out their baby mommas somewhere. All that's left to take the brunt of the big dick coming down from the forces of order are the antifa neckbeards.

I know it would never happen but it would be pure ecstasy to see them dealt with mass ad hoc courts martial and summary judgement.

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Why is all of the Caucasian world rolling over on their bellies to accept that their communal character is defined by the universally despicable actions of a murderous cop?

I’m watching an entire race be hoodwinked in real time into being the willing new target of an equally venomous racism. Sentiments like this are about whites people. They are trying to whip themselves in order to escape being whipped. That you got your rhetoric out in front doesn’t mean that you are going to be spared from being increasingly the new playtoy of that same racism exchanged hands.
Just look at the number of celebs who bought their kid's admission into college. When push comes to shove, people will always look out for #1 whether it is the right thing to do or not. If it ever gets to the point where speaking up for POC/minorities requires more than just a retweet or holding a protest sign while larping being a revolutionary, they will stop it in a heart beat. They don't feel threatened by these things because they feel that they still have power and still are in control. When they start to fear that they are losing that control, that's when you'll really see who actually drank the kool-aid and who just pretended to to keep their woke credentials from being cancelled.

People always think that they are going to oppress the "bad guys" and forget that it doesn't take much for you to suddenly become the designated evil that needs a trip to the Ministry of Love.


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Grand Rapids, Michigan protestors being dispersed by police, national guard. It's probably over. Detroit still protesting. Rest of the state seems quiet for now.
Grand Rapids 1
Grand Rapids 2

You'd figure for a bunch of politically and violently charged white people going after the cops for killing a black man, they wouldn't cuck so easily to law enforcement like this.

I guess their Justice only extends to buildings and shoe stealing.


Am building up a list of books to read from this thread. Ameican kiwis/historians pls which is a good/best? book about the Weather Underground? same for the Panthers? and again for the Civil War? I know the latter is a very big subject but pls suggest a good read that covers it in general. I am ok with small print and big words. I know there are reviews out there but i want to hear kiwi choices.
Most of 14th Street is Gone: The Washington, DC Riots of 1968


okay, i haven't catched the last 300 pages and i am not about to do so.

Can someone give me a quick recap of the most important stuff.